DNS Bench randomly shows "DNS Lookup is not offered by this server" for one local server using root hints


Jan 11, 2009
DNS Bench will randomly (though rarely) list one of my local DNS servers as "DNS Lookup is not offered by this server". These two servers are Windows DNS servers, without forwarders defined, with 130 as primary and 131 as secondary.

I'm not seeing any issues with resolution, they test just fine in this utility, and I know forwarders are not specified on the servers, but am curious as to why this randomly happens. Maybe once in every 10-20 times I open this program it will show one of the servers as red. This would make sense if this happened consistently 100% of the time (since forwarders are not configured).

If I add forwarders to the DNS server, it works fine (obviously). So, what's happening here? Thanks.