DIY Phase Water Chiller


Dec 20, 2006
My first Refrigeration System! (Back in 2004)

The other day I found the Pictures of my first Refrigeration system, and I decided to post them to help others out there get involved with extreme cooling and overclocking.

Way back when I was just starting to play with refrigeration systems my parents were crazy enough to let me borrow the freezer over the weekend  So I went to work tearing it apart and figuring out how it worked. It was damn simple once I got all the insulation out of the way!

After my initial rampaging I realized I was not going to be able to modify the unit for “Direct Die” cooling, so I started on building a Water chiller. The first plan I had was to chill something like 20 gallons of water in the base of the freezer using it as a reservoir. But… I had a damn hard time preventing leaks! After watching the unit take its sweet time to chill 20 gallons of water to near freezing I decided I better use a smaller reservoir :D that’s where dads hunting cooler came into action! Cutting in a few notches to fit the liquid and suction line was easy. Paying the $50 for Anti-Freeze was a lot for a 14 year old kid who saved every penny for that 5950 Ultra!

The unit was a standard R134a Compressor with a cheapo refrigerator condenser but it did one hell of a job chilling my Anti-freeze to -50C

The Freezer cut in half made a nice stand to work on :)

The supplies! I loved the Home Depot way back when :D

Drilling the mounting holes

C-clamps used to hold the wood nice and tight while the silicon glue set

Scoring and cutting the "Plexi-Glass" we found that a plain old utility knife worked best

Insulation of the motherboard with Liquid Electrical tape (don't get it any where near capacitors!)

it did its job

Koolance 200W water blocks NB,SB, and CPU

ASUS FX5950 being insulated w/ Liquid Electrical tape

back of the motherboard being insulated from condensation

Re-wired the compressor to run 24/7

Nearing completion w/ the double walled "Plexi" side panels

Fill port on top

Leak testing with Dyes, at first it leaked quite a bit!

Removed the Refrigeration unit from the freezer base

Placed the Evap in a cooler (smaller reservoir)

Cooler filled w/ 5 gallons of Pure Anti-Freeze

Blocks in place and insulation cured!

Pumping the Glycol

Insulation on the suction line

What kind of temps are you getting? The only thing I dont like about your chiller are those koolance blocks, they dont look tough enough to handle sub zero temps...... It could just be from the picture, I hope they work well for you.....

Man, $50 for coolant is alot of money, I was pissed already that it cost me $25 to fill my res with windshield wiper fluid ( 8 gallons ) lol........

Good job man and enjoy the cold water.......
Sorry for the thread necro but gotta say thanks for posting this even though what I was searching for on Google wasn't related to your Water chiller. :)

I was checking to make sure liquid electrical tape was ok for circuit boards and your thread + pics popped up with a circuit board coated with the stuff.