DIY Cintiq clone for $250ish?


Aug 23, 2002
I was recently alerted to the high-end features and low price of the pen tablets available at Monoprice - a graphics tablet was something I'd always figured was too expensive for me, but I just picked up a small one with an order of cables.

While reading about it, I discovered two things:

*$80 buys you a 12x9 (15" diagonal) tablet at Monoprice with specs almost comparable to Intuos4.

*There exists a kit to combine intuos4 tablets with custom controllers & widescreen laptop LCD monitors in order to create a DIY Cintiq.

Now, the largest Monoprice tablet is a 4:3, 15" form factor. This is also exactly the dimensions of the oldest mainstream LCD form factor - which probably represents a very cheap purchase at this point, for 1024x768 resolution.

Unfortunately I'm not in a place where I can try this out myself, so I'm posting it here: Is it plausible that these could be combined? It looks quite attractive compared to investing $300 into a laptop screen/controller and $400 into a pro tablet you're going to dissect, or spending more for a stock Cintiq than you spent on your computer.

An IPS screen in this form factor would probably be advantageous for angle viewing, if possible. Anyone have any candidates?
My question is WHY would you even need to buy a controller board for the LCD screen?

Any LCD, LED, etc monitor you buy already has the controller board in it.

It looks to me like they are making things way over complicated.
Perhaps stripping an LCD was intimidating for them?

In the DIY projector hobby, they ended up going to expensive custom controller boards & 15.6" laptop screens in order to get 1080p. Now that the product niche has been established, there are several controllers commercially available.

I wonder if anything can be done about the supposed limited viewing angles on this.
Hey. I have been using monoprice tablets for about 3 years now and they are great. Durible and just as accurate as my intuos ever was [RIP]. I do graphic and 3d design with it and its fantastic. I just wish I could turn it into a cintiq like I want. I haven't been able to find a compatible screen for it yet. I've only so far tested three. If anyone has any suggestions on monitors that would work with the 12x9 monoprice for making a DIY cintiq please let me know.
I just went from a Cintiq 22HD to a Intuos Medium. The reason is my hand-eye coordination was much better and posture. Even with an Ergotron Arm, it never felt good after long days of painting and 3D modeling (zBrush/Substance). I ended up using it like a normal tablet. So just pulled the Intuous out the closet and been using it since.