Distilled water vs fluidxp


Limp Gawd
Dec 30, 2004
How do the two stack up? I'm currently running a triple rad setup with a D-tek block and swiftech pump, on my q6600 and I feel that my temperatures are a lot higher than they should be. With two of the cores disable and 1.575 volts at 3.6ghz, everest is reading 92C at load after an hour or so of prime. I've already lapped my CPU and waterblock to a mirror finish and tried replacing the TIM.

This seems like I should be getting better temps than I am. Could this be because I'm running FluidXP and not distilled water?
I am astounded at temps that high and on only 2 cores. No switching coolant will not help you. Something is very wrong but I do not know what. With that very high voltage and clock your processor might be on the edge of thermal runaway where internal heat cannot be transfered to the IHS and thus the block faster than it is being produced. If not, something is very very wrong, block not sitting flat on the cpu, pump not running, kink in hose. etc. etc.

Have you tested and recorded temps at othe speeds and voltages ? What happens if you run at say 3.4GHz and a vcore of less than 1.5V (if you can).
No kinks in the hoses, the pump runs fine, it's at 4000rpm at the moment.

I found this to be very interesting though, this screen shot is with all 4 cores enabled at 3.5ghz, and 1.5375 volts.


I'm starting to wonder if maybe the probe has just gone bad, no matter how high I crank the voltage, the system never actually locks up from heat, it always gets shut down by the motherboard, and the air coming off the radiator is never really even warm.

I've been looking for a way to disable the automatic shutdown feature but I can't find one.