Dish Expands Alexa Support to its Joey Receivers


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Apr 25, 2001
Back in May, Dish became the first company to integrate Alexa for hands-free TV playback, and now they've expanded Alexa capability to their Joey receivers. If you connect a Echo device to the receiver you can now voice control all of your TVs throughout the home. Dish is hoping TV voice control will encourage their customers to stick to traditional pay TV rather than cut the cord. As far as I'm concerned this isn't a feature that would make me stick to traditional pay TV. Cost and convenience matter too much to me to leave streaming media.

Dish says its integrations work with Amazon Echo, Echo Show and Echo Dot devices, and each Dish set-top box must be paired with its own Echo to work. With the addition of Joey, the current lineup of Dish devices that work with Alexa include Hopper (all generations) and its Joey, Wireless Joey, 4K Joey and Super Joey clients, as well as DISH’s Wally single-tuner HD receiver.
Dish need fix it other problem like it piss poor Intelligent Scheduler Recording and EPG
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I actually use this and its pretty sweet. Its nice to have one hand of drink, a plate, and a arm full of snacks and just say "Computer, resume Dish" and it presses the play button for you basically as you are walking back into the room. Or my wife, who does not have the remote, can say "Computer, rewind Dish" and it does the "Skip back 10 seconds" thing.