Discord Is Testing Video Chat And Screen Share With 5% Of Players


May 13, 2013
In a blog post Discord announced it is testing Screen Sharing and Video chat with 5% of desktop users. The testing is to catch any issues in the new system, as well as to see how their servers handle the massive increase in bandwidth. If you are one of the few chosen, you can start video calls with anyone on the program.

I'm not a webcam person, but the screen sharing sounds like it could be fun. I started using Discord after Dolby Axon got shut down and have been pretty happy with it so far. Discord also warned that call quality could suffer with more than five people.

We’re still at least a month out from considering a full launch. Why? We’re measuring and testing bandwidth; acquiring and implementing more backend servers; and praying our code actually works. This takes time. It could also be longer than a month.
It's like ventrilo or teamspeak, I hate voip, I like listening to music while gaming, not some nasal sounding retards sucking up to the 20 year old girl in the guild, let alone SEE them...

Perhaps you should reconsider who you game with
I use Discord as a replacement for Skype's chat and calling without video. So I look forward to a full replacement for Skype, because Skype is pretty unreliable. It seems like Discord should put their aim to a more general audience if they're going to add features like this.
I'm a old time gamer I do not need to be on a chat line or talk while I'm kicking ass.