Digital Radio / Speaker


Aug 26, 2016
Bit of an odd requirement :)

Looking for a radio for my dad who wants to listen to an international radio station outside. I want to have it setup where he can turn the device on / off and select a pre-configured station via the device.

The station is not available locally on AM / FM / DAB so it would need to be Internet enabled and Wi-Fi is probably out of range leaving 4G / tether to a mobile phone maybe the only way.

Couldn't find anything obvious that would meet this requirement and was wondering if anyone might know some good options? Thanks
Can he not listen to it on his smartphone using an app? If the answer is yes then simply get a bluetooth speaker.
No unfortunately not. He's elderly and would need something that's a bit more tangible :) Big buttons that he cant press on a physical device, etc
IHeartRadio radio on a tablet run at full screen ?