Digital Artwerk - June Wallpaper/WinMod Thread

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Oct 23, 2000
Hear ye [H]ard|Members!

This is a trial of concept. In order to group wallpapers and Windows mods into byte size
chunks, I have decided to create monthly chapters in the form of stickied threads. This
should simplify finding a wallpaper/mod that you are looking for, and limit ancient broken
links to a minimum. So it basically streamlines the Desktop/Mod threads to a lean
optimised chunk of easily accessible data.

Acceptable Use Policy (Please do not abuse this privelege.)
1. Post only images (or links to them) of wallpapers and/or shell enhancements.
2. You may comment in this thread, however it is recommended that you PM the owner
of the relevant image, regarding any queries you may have. This should minimise chatter
and maximise the amount of eye-candy-per-page!

Have fun! ;)

First post, there is my wallpaper from a little while ago. now it is different but i dont feel like uploading a new picture of it :)

the dock at the top is object dock, winamp skin is glacial, chat program is trillian, and I dont remember the windows theme

==============> link to full size pic

Custom Wallpaper. ObjectDock with many custom icons. Samurize with custom script. Rainlender with slightly modified skin. DualMonitors 2560x1024.

Full Size Here

This is my desktop sorry for the over compression don't want to choke the modem users.

I know the icons are a mess my flat mate insists on downloading all these stupid flash games. :rolleyes:

edit: Changed compression to make it less bandy and finally had an incentive to cleen up icons.
it is called screen calendar


works pretty good, and uses minimal resoruces. and you can click on any date and it will let you add a memo for that day!

have fun!

(this is my first post as a high school graduate, just go back from a grad night party (1:45 am EST)
Guys do as Lord Hyperion said to make it easier for everyone.

If you have a comment or qustion about the theme, PM the person, don't quote the picture ffs. It just creates unneccesary loading time.
This is on the D800. Hence the widescreen:

Style XP: Chrome4xp
Dock: Y'z Dock
Stats: Samurize (I made the icons)

My newest PC desktop!

I'm using StyleXP for teh winstyle called hitnrun and an IconPackager-set called the_last_order_candy.


My newest iBook desktop!

Background: a picture from Apple's "forest" slideshow screensaver
Other: ClearDock from UnSanity to make the Dock look more to my liking
Black Morty Rackham said:

Background: a picture from Apple's "forest" slideshow screensaver
Other: ClearDock from UnSanity to make the Dock look more to my liking

That IS a real mac desktop I hope :)
Sagar1586 said:
it IS. who using windows would use Xchat?

I would. I'd use X-Chat in Windows, but not in Mac OS X. "Here" I prefer the excellent Colloquy. It's more integrated into the system and is more... nifty.
Can you give a link to that blue ball wallpaper.... almost remindes me of a planet.
I don't know about you people, but I'm more for the classic windows look and a bunch of useless icons cluttering my desktop ;)

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