Did your Asus P5Q-E board come sealed or stained?


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Aug 3, 2004
I just got my Asus P5Q-E today, got home not too long ago and opened the box.. somethings i noticed.

1. the statuc bag for the board did not have a sticket seal on it, not sure if this is normal?

2. the giganic had a big thumb print on it (could be from testing)

3. what worries me the most (just getting ready to test the thing now) is on the back of the board, is look like it was dipped in water and then left to dry, it is covered in little "stains" of some dried substance, i am sure they clean the boards at Asus, but i have never seen this.

this was taken with a canon 60mm macro and cropped %100

Why this worries me is cause if i have to send this back, it cost me $51 to get this mobo through customs and duty.. and to send it back to directron.com or even asus would cost a small fortune via any method, NOT to mention when it comes back in, iwill get charged AGAIN for duty and taxes, unless i pay a $100 fee up front to get that waived...

So , if anyone else can let me know how their board came, and cross your fingers for me this thing works!!
that is definatly not right....

no board should come like that... it looks used... :confused:

Anyways, I say just alcohol it and hope for the best.. if it does not work DEMAND shipping and duty be payed...
Looks like poor quality control. Maybe some soldering rework was done to the board and the flux wasnt cleaned off if they used no-clean, or the board wasn't washed if they used oa (organic water soluable) flux. Either way I'm disappointed that you got that kind of quality from ASUS.
from OCF i made this post

well, ia m typing this from the new board, but i am experiencing weird issues it seems, where to start

1. system booted fine with 8G of ram, Vista installer frooze @ 77% - had to reboot, start again, system rebooted during copying of files

2. took out 4G, system booted, then went into bios - system rebooted, then rebooted again, then completly powered down

3. pluggnig in my 500G drive into ANY SATA port seems to make the system boot, all fans go %100 and it just sits there doing nothing, power and reset buttons do nothing

4. install 4G again for all 8G get the same issue above, system reboots 2 times then stays on all fans %100 but power and reset buttons do nothing.

argh! this is annoying.

frankly why cant mobo makes just make a god dam board that works, and if this is a return board, why not stop being so god dam lazy and TEST the board before shipping it out!!!!!!

ARGH!, wasnt planning on spending all night screwing with a mobo and checking google to see if the problems are common or not.

then as soon as i posted it

WOW, literally as soon as i hit submit on that message the whole system rebooted and pwoered down and up!

i have nothing overclocked, everything is stock!
i have nothing installed, NOTHING, just vista!

man this really ****es me off! it would cost me prob close to $100 to get this thing back to the U.S for RMA, un f***'n real!, this is going to start a war with me and directron / asus.

then after it rebooted AGAIn, it seems after about a random 4-6 mins it reboots, and then once it reboots, if you try to use the power / reboot buttons on the mobo, they do nothing as if the mobo has frozen...

is it too much to ask for a motherboard... that works :(

i know they make alot and i guess i got screwed with someone else's RMA and no one bothered to really test it out or i got one in a thousand that was screwed off the line :(

this just completly killed my motivation i had for getting my rig up and running, i am glad i didnt install my new WC on this thing and decided to try it out first with my True 120!

i dont even want to try and fglash the bios... cause who knows when it coudl shut down!

i did disconnect all harddrives and dvd drives and had the basics, even with 1 x 2G stick of ram and i even pulled my corsair dominator from my HTPC - same result!


Anyone hear of this problem with the P5Q-E? it just decided to shut down?
sent asus of a support email, who knows what may come of it, but googling now to see if i can find anything :(

man i was so hyped about this new board from all the people who have it that i read over, and now this :(
My P5Q-Pro didn't come sealed at all, and I had an EVGA board with that white stuff on it. I don't know what it is but it works fine.

Sucks though, it sounds like you have a faulty motherboard. :(
ya, looking around the seal doesnt seem common at all, but def seems like i got a board some one either got something wet all over and directron.com just got back and repackaged (or tested and it worked and just resold)

possible it works when it was tested, i was able to get vista installed, but then the fun started... just right now i have no patience to sit at that system, i had installed the ICH10R chipset drives that Asus providers, perhaps that is a problem, but either way, better i just came down to my HTPC to chill, otherwise i would be snapping that mobo in half and anything attached to it.

i tend to find destroying broken ./ fualty hardware REALLY releases the stress!
but some good news so far

flashed to newest bios, put back in my 8G patriot viper ram and so far *knock on wood* no reboots!

the new bios did say it added better compatibility for some ram, so hopefully mine was one of them

now to try overclocking!
i'm glad it worked out...reading some of your post i was starting to become concerned for your well-being.

ya i was pretty annoyed with it, was so hyped to get it up and running and maybe pus this q6600 further!

with some testnig, i need 1.5v for 400x9 @ 3.6Ghz anything lower = BSOD before hitting windows,

so seems i dont have a golden chip thas for sure, oh well, time to order a Q9605 :)
Just a note, you will not get charged duty and taxes if you explicitly state on the commercial invoice(paperwork needed for whatever package to cross the border) that it is intended for repair/replacement and that it will be returned to you.
tell that to customs :) here you have to have a temporary export permit done for you, which in turn costs $100, at least it did the last time i had to RMA a video card, to which even then customs went ahead and charged me duty and taxes and it took almost 7 months to get that money back, :(