Did I goof on this RAM? Speed question


Mar 21, 2003
Hello all!

Just upgraded my RAM a month or two ago and have been unable to use XMP profile on it with my BIOS.

I bought this RAM

G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 64GB (2 x 32GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3600 (PC4 28800) Intel XMP 2.0 Desktop Memory Model F4-3600C18D-64GVK​

to go in my Asus Prime Z370A motherboard with an Intel I7-8700K chip. After buying it I haven't been able to achieve higher speeds on it and my system won't post. I am beginning to wonder if it is overkill for my setup as I started looking into the motherboard and CPU and it was saying it may not even recognize 64GB of ram or be able to run it at the higher speeds. I believe it is running at 2800 mhz right now or something around there. Did I goof? Do I need to upgrade the motherboard and CPU to make it worth it? If so I was eyeing a number of motherboards that would be compatible with an i5-12600K. Thanks for any information or advice!

Have you updated the BIOS?
Are the sticks installed in the slots recommended by the MB manual?
May need a small increase in Vdimm and VCCIO and System Agent depending on what they are at with XMP.
Yes sticks in the slots recommended by manufacturer and no I have not updated bios yet
If you look at the QVL for memory for that board.... It looks like the memory kit that you picked is not "officially" supported. There are very 32GB modules that board particular supports at ANY speed. You would have to install 4 x 16GB and not 2 x 32GB to have 64GB of usable memory.
QVL for old MB are rarely updated but one of the BIOS updates may have changes that improve support for newer 32GB kits.
Latest QVL update ~3 years ago, Latest BIOS update ~6 months.
Did you ever think that I might have not only checked the Asus website but others as well. I've only been an enthusiast since 1998.

A quick search produced this.......... "According to ASUS, the PRIME Z370-A supports DDR4 memories up to 4,000 MHz. The ASUS PRIME Z370-A has four memory sockets. You can install up to 64 GiB with this motherboard if you use four 16 GiB modules.".

But thanks for crapping.

This is why I don't post advice anymore. Everybody thinks they know everything and has snarky comments.
But thanks for crapping.

This is why I don't post advice anymore. Everybody thinks they know everything and has snarky comments.
Chillax Bromego, no one made any snarky comments. It's a valid point that it may be worth updating the BIOS as old documentation and QVLs likely will not have been updated.

It sounds like 2x32gb is working, just not at the rated speeds, which confirms the documentation may not be 100% accurate.

Most would consider multiple people, posting multiple suggestions ,a good thing. The end goal is to help the OP. If your end goal is to be right, then not posting advice may be a good idea.
Although the 8th-Gen (Coffee Lake) CPUs' memory controller can technically support up to 16 GiB lines (ranks) of memory (for a total of 32 GiB per DIMM), operation is only guaranteed at the standard JEDEC speeds and timings (in the case of the i7-8700K, DDR4-2666 speed at CL19 or CL20 timings) when using the highest-density RAM modules. Using XMP with anything bigger than 16 GB DIMMs (or one 32 GB dual-channel kit) is touchy with that CPU.

As for that RAM kit itself, the 32 GB DDR4-3600 CL18 sticks like yours almost always use SKHynix MJR ICs, which do not have much if any overclocking headroom as that 3600 speed is very, very close to the absolute maximum that they can handle.
Don't you just hate it when a person comes on with a problem, asks for help and then never comes back...