DHCP problems in Fedora

Jun 8, 2004
for the life of me, i cant get my Toshiba laptop, running fedora core2 on my home network.

i cant even get it directly connected through roadrunner.

any ideas? any other information you need, ill be happy to give...
Does the network card work?

Are you sure?

Try setting a manual IP, gateway, DNS & whatnot and see if it works. If you have a router, it's just a matter of picking some unused IP and going from there.
I had the same problem. It was for a server, so it needed to be a static IP anyway. When I switched it to a static IP, it worked. I know that isn't going to help you a lot, but it will atleast tell you everything is working hardware wise. In Fedora, go to /etc/sysconfig/networking-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 and edit it to assign a static IP. Let me know if you need to see an example of a static setup. Also, I had to manually enter DNS's into /etc/resolv.conf to resolve any names.
Does it recognize your network adapter at all? Try inserting a manual IP, as this can confirm or eliminate DHCP as the culprit. I have had DHCP problems in Fedora 2, and static IPs were my remedy.
This might not be it, but just to cover everything, I had a DHCP problem with a debian install. It was because I was running the 2.6 kernel without having module-init-tools installed and NET_FILTER on in my kernel.
i guess DHCP isnt the problem. a static IP at my office doesnt seem to work either.

it recognizes my card, and i know the card works cuz i used to have WinXP running on this laptop.

im so pissed right now, im gonna install gentoo