DFI NF4 SLI-DR problems

Jan 4, 2004
Yeah so recently I picked up this board along with a eVGA 7800GTX and a OCZ 520W power supply. Plugged everything in, made POST and booted into windows. Not long after I got a BSOD with PFN_LIST_CORRUPT error. So I thought it could be my memory, I tested each stick in dimm 1. Which didn't work so I re-tested in dimm 2, where both sticks would boot into windows without problems. So then I placed them in 1 and 2, which also booted windows without problems, but it wasn't in dual channel anymore. It seems that whenever I place the memory into dual channel I get the BSOD shortly after booting into windows. I have tried a lot of settings in the BIOS for memory and none have seemed to work, except upping the voltage to 2.8 seems to delay it for 20 sec.

Now I tested the ram in another system, MSI Neo2 Platinum and it worked fine in dual channel. This was using the same CPU, but different power supply. So tomorrow I am going to pick up another gig of ram and try that out, if it doesn't do anything then I will have to get the motherboard replaced.

OCZ 520W
Corsair 3200 XLPT (TCCD)
A64 3500+ (Venice)

Antec TrueBlue 480W
MSI Neo2 Platinum

Thanks in advance.
--Seph :D
dfi dont like corsair. i know this is a blanket statement, but if u check out dfi street and xtremesystems.org you will find it is true. also, if your sticks are not matched, ie bought separately, dont even think about dual channel on this board. i have 2 stix pqi turbo tccd, exactly same pcb, slugs, etc, board wont even post with both in dimms. so if possible, try something besides the corsair. remember, amd64 will do much better at high htt, rather than tight timings.

very truly yours,
dfi-street.com is a great place to ask this question, as they are extremely helpfull (just make sure you read the rules and create a signature prior to posting). Corsair ram does have a tendancy to have conflicts with the DFI boards, so it's certainly possible that your problem is a compatability issue.

Have you tried using just the orange dimm slots?
Well I ended up getting some new memory, OCZ 1GB 3200 (BH5 Gold) and it booted into Windows without problem in dual channel. After further testing, it seems that I can't boot into Windows with 1T in dual channel mode. I will try flashing the BIOS tonight and see if it fixes it, if not I will have to RMA it.

--Seph :D