Desktop system monitor for memory/cpu/network/etc? USB?


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Jan 23, 2008
I've currently got a Logitech G15 keyboard and it has a little screen that I'm using in conjunction with LCDSirReal to show CPU, memory, network bandwidth, audio volume, time, etc.etc.etc.

I like it.

But eventually the keyboard will need to be replaced. Does anyone make a small desktop unit that would be a replacement for the screen portion?

Adafruit has directions on how to make something like what I'm looking for, but a character LCD is a little low-end compared to the nice interface of the LCDSirReal display. -- Overview | Character LCD System Monitor | Adafruit Learning System

An Art Lebedev Optimus Mini Three might have been ideal if it had stuck around, but that's gone.

Is there anything stand alone out there? I don't like the whole Logitech Arx Control thing, I want something that is permanently connected.

It seems like the sort of thing people used to put in their drive bay, sort of along the lines of the ASUS ROG dual bay panel, but I'm looking for something to sit on my desk.

(Also, how is this not a thing in 2016?)
(Also, how is this not a thing in 2016?)

Because the mobile revolution has replaced built-in monitoring.

How to monitor and manage your PC from any smartphone or tablet

According to the article there are TONS of apps that can do this, and I'm sure if you don't like the one they reviewed in detail you can find you sweetspot.

Cost = near nothing if you already own a tablet (you'll have to see if they have a one-time purchase license instead of yearly). Just plug it in to always charge, and turn off the screen power savings.

But you'll have to dig through the cruft because there's a program for everything.
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So I think I've decided that A second small monitor is in order, with RainMeter showing relevant information.