Desktop replacement?


You Know Where I Live
Aug 25, 2013
So...Starting to get back on the road a bit more now that Putin has cured the world of Covid. Looking to maybe replace my desktop with a laptop.

Desktop is watercooled 5800xt all core OC 4.6GHz and FE 2080 Ti w/ 300w BIOS 2025MHz core / 8000MHz mem, 32GB 3600MHz CL16, and plenty of NVME storage. I play at 4k on a LG CX48 at home.
I love OLED. I love 120Hz. These aren't things that I really want to give up. Now, obviously I don't need 4k on a laptop, but when I'm at home, I would love to be able to drive the 4k no probs. But I do love OLED and I do love 120Hz. So I want that on the laptop. I don't want a touchscreen because of the screen door shit from the digitizer. If there is an OLED w/ touchscreen (not that I would use it anyway) without screendoor digitizer shit alignment, then that is fine.
So I saw some pretty sweet things from Asus recently on LTT/its many sub channels. My last laptop was a Razer Blade and the build quality was fucking amazing. Dad has an Asus Zepherus or however you spell it, and it is also amazing.
So... I want an upgrade from my desktop, in a laptop. GPU I think likely needs to stay nVidia because DLSS is pretty fucking sweet. But convince me if AMD is the way to go. Intel seems to be making some sweet headway with the E and P cores with their mobile i9's? But I've also seen some awesome goods with the Ryzen...uhh...6900H or something like that? Hell, I can't keep up with all these damn numbers anymore.
But I don't want a tank, so no Sager type stuff. Looking for top-end stuff. No plastic bullshit. And yes, I know stuff is coming out "soon". Can't play that game the rest of my life.
What's out there?
Whoever picks my winning choice.. Well, I'm probably going to send you something. So do your research. Could be some fermented hot sauce. Could be some, uhh, other fermented things.
I want the best, but not "two screens in a laptop because lol" kind of thing.

Also...Will Ramos is a fucking BEAST. I love Lorna Shore.