der8auer: GIGABYTE RTX 2080 Super Gaming OC - The faster RTX 2080 Replacement


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Apr 22, 2006
Strip down and a couple of game tests. This is the Super card with the least performance gain. It uses the fully enabled TU104, not a TU102 that some shady rumor sites were suggesting.

This is the first 2080 Super review I have seen, maybe he jumped the NDA gun:
Yeah I logged into eVGA this morning just in case, but this basically confirmed what I knew months ago. The SP increase from 2944 to 3072 was *so* small and underwhelming that this was the expected result.
Pretty much to be expected. The jump in core count was smallest on this one, as they hit the wall with it being the full chip.

I can't see this one selling very well at all. 2070 Super is so close and $200 less, if it was $600, it might be worth considering, at $700, it really makes no sense at all IMO.
I have 2 1080ti. I have zero interest upgrading... rather play with a 5700 XT to be honest. Though I paid $900 for each of these 1080ti's .. so i want to be buried with them in the future.
I got my Strix 1080TI shortly after release for around $749 but then around a year later, midst of the frickin mining craze, I thought about picking up a 2nd one. At that point they were going for $1300-$1400 on NewEgg and and Amazon. I figured screw it and got a 2080TI to ironically fully escape SLI. The 1080TI is still rocking in my other rig though. Been a champ.