Dells deal with Corel

Jul 16, 2004
What is the deal with Corel Wordperfect and Dell. I recently helped my uncle purchase a Dell PC (the $549 model with 19" LCD). Anyway, it comes with WordPerfect (WP) but they (his family) are used to using Word (W). How can I get WP off and replace it with W. Or even keep WP but have W added. I really dont want them to have to buy it when I know its on the Windows disk (it is right?).

When my father got his Dell the first thing I did was put in the Windows CD to overright all the BS Dell puts in there (reinstall Windows). I then selectively replaced the Dell programs with thier Utility disks and the like. Thats one way, and I am sure my uncle will not agree with it, is there another solution?
Microsoft Word is part of Microsoft Office... either you got it, or you didnt. If not, then it costs 99$ for Word at a B&M store, and 140 for Office which includes Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and Outlook.
Word doesn't come on Windows discs, only as part of the Office suite or as the standalone Word program. Does Dell give you the option of choosing Office or something (for extra moolah)?
I've gone through the pricing sysem at Dell and they give you the option to get MS Office (at a price) but give Corel Word Perfect for free.

Word Perfect is actually pretty decent once you get used to it but if everyone else you know uses MS Word sometimes you can run into the odd problem when converting file formats etc.

If you don't want to spend any money install Open Office and see if they are ok with that. Beyond that your going to have to fork out the money.
If you want to upgrade to Word, you can do it cheaply or free if it was just purchased or delivered recently (21 days IIRC).

Call Dell customer care (or open a chat from and explain that you want to upgrade from Word Perfect Productivity to Microsoft Works Suite 2005. Works Suite includes Word XP 2002. The price was only about $35-$42 during configuration and that's the most you'll be charged for the upgrade. Dell may not even charge you for it.

details on Works Suite 2005