Dell XPS sale & software configuration question


Limp Gawd
Apr 11, 2009
I am thinking about getting a new Dell XPS to replace an older XPS.

Sale question:
There is a Dell sale this weekend. However, I am not 100% sure if this only applies to certain models or whether 10% applies to all?

Software config question:
It appears that for certain models, especially the "new design" models can only choose Windows Home and no Office.
1.) Office: Just wondering whether this is a big deal or if I buy Office independently it woudl be same price regardless. With other words, when Dell offers an Office config option, is it actually cheaper than buying it direct?
2.) Windows Home: can I upgrade to pro afterwards without reinstall?
I think I can answer 1.) myself. For the options where Dell offers Office Professional 2019 as an option it is $439, same as on
For 2.) Dell sells pro at $60 more. On $99. Assuming I can upgrade Dell version....

Also, I just tried CYBER10 on a i9 XPS and told me coupon is valid but can't be used on this config.
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