Dell T640 - Non Dell parts?


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Apr 19, 2007
Posting here because I assume most of the folks messing with 'Virtual' have their hands in some form of Server class hardware... I know some of the folks that post here frequently are Data center guys. (enjoyed VMworld this year?)
I run a lot of HP and Cisco/Cisco UCS gear at work. Just picked up some Dell vxrack gear (about 100 Rack servers) but corp gear is always legit/supported hardware.

I picked up a T640 server from Dell (for home) and went cheap on RAM, proc etc so I could throw in less expensive 'non-dell' parts in after.
$350 for a 16GB RDIMM is crazy when you can order the same stick from crucial memory for $75-90.

Question please sirs:
Does anyone have any feedback for running 'non Dell' hardware within the Dell platform? Does the idrac complain about non genuine parts? Fail to post? etc.
How about GPUs? GTX1080 instead of legit Grid/Tesla cards. I know about the issue of power, power connectors, cooling etc, but I've seen blog posts about desktop class GPU isn't technically 'supported' server gear within a Dell chassis but some have gotten it to work.
Thoughts, comments, feedback?

As long as the RAM is compatible, you shouldn't have any real trouble. The only thing about non-Dell hardware, is that it doesn't go through QVL with it. There are a few parts that other companies QVL on their own, such as memory, but the rest of it comes down to the machine being compatible with the various standards. Generally, stick to memory and disks and you will be fine. The iDRAC won't complain about that either. It may note it, but its not going to prevent the system from posting unless something just flat isn't compatible.
What Dan said. In a production env where you may need Dell/OEM to come in on a HW issue, they like to support their qualified HW (cause it limits issues) but for your own use just use whatever is compatible.
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Awesome, thanks for the quick feedback. Going to hit eBay for some cheap drive caddies and prob hit crucial for some certified ecc dimms. Price is close enough to amazon/Newegg etc...