Dell Studio laptop lid


May 9, 2013
So I was recently working on a laptop upgrade for a customer of mine, and the parts took a few days to get in, so I was looking at this Dell with this scratched up lid.



And just the day before, I was posting in my Ghost in the Shell worklog and mentioned wanting to try plastidip, so i headed to home depot and got a spray can of white and black for the laptop, and blue for the GiTS mod.
Disassembled the screen, masked it, and sprayed my first layer of white. I got a run, which I mistakenly (and only once, ever) tried to sand, only to find that sanding out a bump just makes a hole. But, and this is awesome, it just peeled right off, like latex. I was messing with the thing all day, this weird sheet that I had just painted. So I applied the first (again), second, third etc. coats of white, in 30 minute intervals. The trick is to get a nice thick enough coat that it looks shiny, almost like a puddle of water on top of your surface, and keep the can about 12" or more from the surface.
I then masked 2 stripes, and painted on five or six black coats. On one of the last coats, I found that spot spraying into a wet coat would produce a textured surface, so I left the top of the black textured, and kept the edges and around the hinges (that rub close together as the screen rotates up) smooth.


I originally was trying to mask the dell logo, and it masked nicely, but when removing the plastidip it didn't 'tear' evenly, so the circle looked pretty bad. I was out of paint, so we tried acrylic flames, but wasn't really digging it (sorry babe!) so we just filled it red as a nice contrast to the black and white.


Here it is out in the wild, there is black acrylic paint to smooth out the circle edges.
It came out really nice, and it was such an easy job. Read the label carefully though, don't be in a really windy or really hot area when applying it, and you've really got to rotate your piece around to really get a good surface on it if you are doing something with a lot of edges on it. Total cost was about $16 plus masking supplies (but we've all got that stuff laying around, right? ;)
You did a great job, that looks much better than the scratched up cover! On a side note, I've seen people even plastidip their cars!
Looks good, Plastidip is quite amazing. After seeing the videos of people using I have gotten a lot of uses out of it, even outside modding.
Hey that's pretty neat! I've got my hands on approximately 8 used notebooks recently that are a bit beat up and I never thought to do this. Thanks for the inspiration!