Dell Powerconnect 2716, cannot connect to it


Jan 3, 2011
Hey everybody, I have a new to me Dell PowerConnect 2716 that I can't seem to get into the managed web gui.

I am using a straight-through cat5 cable connected to the desktop and the switch.
I select the managed mode (light is green) and I set a static IP address to The switch IP / Default Gateway is

When I try to connect, I get:
PING: Transmit Failed. General Failure.

I hope this switch isn't dead as I would like to get it up and usable in my little home network.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Thank you!
Reset it to defaults. Look online for a manual on how to. I faintly remembering connecting two ports together on some models. Could be mistaken. I don't work will Dell Switches much.

Also, wrong Subforum.
Sorry, I didn't know that the question would go into the networking gallery since I didn't have any photos posted in my thread.

I managed to get into the switch. is the IP. I had to hold down the small manage button for 30 seconds, then let it sit for 3 minutes and held it down again.

Got into it, working fine :)
Their web gui can be finicky, especially with modern browser support, but once setup those switches are ROCK solid and quick.