Dell 2405FPW - Question/Problem with Dell


Oct 12, 2004

Let me preface this with saying that I know this may not be the correct forum for this post. I just can't seem to figure out where to put this and I would really appreciate some advice.

I ordered a Dell 2405FPW in January, the USB ports were broken, I ordered a replacement. They said the replacement would ship overnight, which was great because I was leaving to go travelling. Didn't arrive till after I was gone, I left instructions for my brother to test the new one and send back the old one. I got back from my trip to find that the monitor had not been sent back because dell did not supply an airbill (which they said they would). It has now been over two months, I have heard nothing from dell and I still have this boxed 2405FPW.

My honest side forced me to call dell to try and remedy the situation, I have been disconnected, rerouted to india, and every other trick in the book Dell CS likes to pull. Bottom line, no one has sent me an airbill, I have never even gotten far enough with them where they are taking my information. Do I just keep this monitor and say fuck dell or keep trying to contact them, maybe contact my company's dell business rep?

Any advice will be very much appreciated, I just have no idea how these things are handled and how this has fallen under dell's radar.

send the broken one to me and consider it taken care of.

Seriously though. I would call maybe 2 more times and if the same thing happens, just keep it. They obviously dont want it back and you tried to give it back. No harm done.
He's trying to do the honest thing here, don't give him grief for that.
Heh, yea this is the wrong forum to discuss this in, but I agree with the other guys.
Try 1 or 2 more times, and if you are not charged by Dell for the replacement, then consider you gave it a fair effort and be happy.

Also, if you still feel bad.. send it my way and know you shifted some cosmic good vibes in your direction :D

Giving or selling the broken monitor away before receiving definite word from Dell that they do not want it can have put you in the precarious position of possible legal repercussions - both civil and federal. Keep on trying to contact Dell until you find out what they want to do. Until they say you can keep the monitor, legally it is not yours.
They did that exact same thing to me when they shipped me a defective LG Monitor two years ago. I had to beg them to send me an airbill and let me ship it back because I really didn't want a dead 19" monitor sitting in the middle of my dorm room (at that time). I think I had it for over 3 months and they never charged me for the old monitor. They really need to work on those exchange policies...
I would be concerned that one day in the next 6 months, a bill for $750 (or whatever) will show up on your door stating that you never returned the monitor. Or worse yet, a bill from a collection agency. It's happened before, so as long as you *document* and can prove that you made an honest effort to return the monitor you are ok. If you can't prove it, then you could eventually be in for a hassle.

Hope this works out for your benefit though!

*crosses fingers*

The only thing broken is the usb ports? I'll take it form you.. lmk!

Ill give you $300 for it.. :-D
I wasnt giving him grief. They have no right to charge him if the fault is at their end, at least not under UK law, may be different in the US, if someone sends yousomething in the post it is yours.

Send them a letter, date it, get proof of postage + delivery and keep a copy, that way your ass is covered should they evver want it back somewhere down the line.