Deathloop (Arkane Studios)

I don't think I can get an acceptable experience on this hardware, to be honest, and that seems a bit ridiculous. It doesn't feel great when the game drops under 60 fps when so much as a gnat farts once you're outside the tutorial area. I have to either turn shit down so much that I feel like the game is honestly compromised at that point to maintain a *mostly* solid 60 fps... and it still seems to drop in combat when it's getting hectic.

If you're alright with seeing a blurry 45-50 fps at times, I guess it'll work for you, but I think I'm just going to refund.
If you dig the game, may do just that and wait until you hear reports of performance getting fixed/optimized through a series of patches. Maybe revisit in a new months time? Unfortunately that's how game releases seem to be these days.. better mark your calendar for release date+6months for the best experience.
Not sure how it's a false equivalence when there was a very vocal group that complained about Dark Souls save system - or lack of - without playing the game long enough for it to click.

"Try before you cry" - play a game as god intended, and then decide if your arbitrary game mechanic binky would really have added anything to the experience.

Shove the elitist attitude up your ass. Its a fucking video game, having a different opinion on a specific mechanic doesn't make you better than anyone else.
I'm glad you decided to copy exactly what I've been saying on these forums for years...but don't forget what you said about Deathloop- "I'm tempted to get this just so I can tear it a new one"

but that's your M.O- you're a contrarian...universally beloved games you will 'tear it a new one' that are universally disliked you will claim to like or take the opposite stance to sound edgy
You are just highlighting the problem with the whole ecosystem. To a fanboy a 6/10 or even a 7/10 review as above demonstrated means you are going for hateclicks. LOL
If you think I lie about games to sound edgy, that's nice projection bud. That's actually ironic because this has been an ongoing problem with mainstream reviewers that they don't say what is true, they say what they think their audience wants to hear.
Which is the exact reason I started writing my own reviews, because I was tired of shill jobs and reviews exploiting confirmation bias. The exact reason you are being triggered is that I don't care what you want to hear, I'll write my own opinion regardless if it's popular or not.
From reviews it seems like the game has major micro-stuttering issues, possibly due to Denuvo.
"Most underwhelming game" is a hyperbolic title right from the get go. He's looking for people to love/hate watch. I'd say the score of 6/10 really depends on what scoring system you're going by. Are you scoring based upon school grades (A-F), or based upon 5/10 being average? Seems like most reviewers go with the grading system, which makes a 6/10 basically trash (a D or F).
Interesting strawman you have there. "Most underwhelming game" does not equal "Arkane's most underwhelming game, yet" As for the score, he doesn't even give one, I interpreted the review as a 6-7/10 based on what is said. So nice one on trying to make up the grading system on both his and my behalf. What's even the point of a grading system where 6/10 is trash, then what is 1-5? You decided a priori that this game is awesome, and any and all reviews not praising it to high heavens must be wrong and going for hate clicks. You are demanding that all reviews mirror your perception of a game you haven't even played yet. I also have a nice kettle for you.
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One man's "10" is another man's trash, and vice versa.

Read/watch both the praise and the criticism, and make up your own mind. But I've seen the "hive mind" fail many many times. It's your money, not theirs.
Exactly, there were quite a few reviews where something negative to the reviewer was a big positive for me, or the other way around. That's why the only reviews that I find useful are the ones that precisely describe what they like or hate about the game. As such a 2/10 review can actually make me interested in a game, and a 10/10 one totally turn me away.
Seems like marketing is ramping up quite a bit for this, so hopefully the release date is now fixed. I was at an IMAX screening of Predator yesterday and the full trailer played before the movie started.
Giant Bomb has an, in my opinion, great video going over the game. Spoiler warning for the video as it does cover one of the levels and various other tidbits that people might not want to know going in.

For as much as Sony has spammed marketing for Deathloop, the first ten minutes of that video tells me more about the game then every single piece of advertising I’ve come across, including the 20 or so gameplay videos Sony has put out over the last year or so. Even with all the reviews nothing really grabbed me enough to pique my interest, but that video does. Sony has spent so much damn money doing a shit job of marketing Deathloop it seems.

From the video, I can definitely tell why reviews are all over the place as well. Given the sheer amount of stuff going on and the, seemingly, insane verity of approaches to each kill, Deathloop does not look like a game that lends itself well to the usual review cycle of burning through a game as fast as possible. Too busy with Tales of Arise to get into a new game right now, but Deathloop might actually be something I pick up during a lull in releases, especially if it goes on sale.
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From the same site:

First, though, a touch of oddness. Enabling V-Sync will, as always, sync the the frame rate with the monitor's refresh rate; this can go up to 144Hz/144fps and presumably higher. However, disabling V-Sync activates an FPS limiter, which only goes as high as 120fps. This may be related to potential physics issues in Arkane’s Void engine, which were blamed for Dishonored 2 patching in a 120fps cap. In any case, it’s a shame if you were planning to play on top-tier hardware, as V-Sync adds input lag, which is absent when using G-Sync or FreeSync instead.
Dishonored 2's 60/120 issue was pretty bad. Persists to this day, I was fucking around with it a few months back (GOG version) and just got annoyed and never went back to it. Prey had a better written engine (I joke that the devs at Arkane have no other hobbies than taking different game engines and rewriting them for their own use).
If you dig the game, may do just that and wait until you hear reports of performance getting fixed/optimized through a series of patches. Maybe revisit in a new months time? Unfortunately that's how game releases seem to be these days.. better mark your calendar for release date+6months for the best experience.
As far as I know they basically never got Dishonored 2 performance past subpar and only made minor improvements so yeah I'm gonna assume whatever issues is that their engine just unfixably shit.

Maybe by then I'll have better hardware and can just brute force through this modern day Crysis without the visual payoff.
Crazy optimization performance issues from what you all are saying here. It sounds like the game wasn't fully ready for release but sadly "release and try and fix after the fact" has become the norm in the industry.
Dang, those review averages look tasty. Been a while since we've seen scores that high for a AAA game that's not Nintendo.

I was sold on the style and ascetics from the trailers, even more intrigued that it was from Arkane and took cues from Dishonored -- and now reviews look stellar. This may be a day 1 buy for me (unless the reports on DRM slowdown are accurate, then I'm out).
Crazy optimization performance issues from what you all are saying here. It sounds like the game wasn't fully ready for release but sadly "release and try and fix after the fact" has become the norm in the industry.
Pretty sure the engine is just shit on PC.

Dishonored 2 had the exact same problem.
Also: Denuvo
Don't think it's the real issue here. Stutters, hitches, ok - I can see that. Like in Resident Evil you could clearly see when it was causing the issue. And this seems to be the MO, like it's usually a pretty definable point when it's actually impacting the game.

Except the game just flat out runs fucking bad all the time. I've never seen it just like "yea turns out it was just permanently halving frame rates."
It's basically Dishonored 2 all over again which... was Denuvo *and* the same poorly performing engine.

I just reinstalled Dishonored 2 and yeah, I can brute force performance but something still does not feel quite right.
Interesting and noted. It's been a while since I played Dishonored 2.

EDIT: The hell with it. I'm in. Life's too short.

I basically pulled the trigger for 30 percent off thanks to some credit off a refund and discounts.

I'll let you all know how this goes.

EDIT: Only 30 gigs so that's fine. Update to latest drivers. Do everything in that Rock Paper Shotgun article about performance tweaks. I decided to drop from 4k to 1440p because it was running pretty heavy but I'll experiment back and forth.
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ran it for 30 mins using the amd system in my sig and i didnt have any issues but i see where its getting bad reviews on steam for performance
So, anyone have a quick and dirty first impression yet?

Over an hour disappeared in a flash and I'm making myself stop because I have other things I have to do.

I'm playing it mostly like Dishonored and Prey and just getting to know the rules here for this setup.

It's Groundhog day with attitude and Dishonored/Prey style gameplay with some ideas unique for this title. They give you a Reprise pretty early on so you don't lose the Loop right away and even if you do it's not the end of the world.

I definitely had to dial in the performance per my last post and the performance suggestions. It's too early for me to say but IF I can continue on like this then it will be hard for me to see how a fan of an Arkane game could be disappointed.

I'll be watching out for any save issues.
Steam reviews are more mixed. Main issues seem to be performance issues and dumb AI. Hopefully some patches can improve those.

Dishonored 2's engine was a bit odd. The first game used UE3 which itself had issues (UE4 was a big step up). Prey switched to Cryengine.
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I played Dishonored 2 awhile after its initial release but I don't remember any performance issues with that game/engine
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You'll need modern hardware to hit 1440p, but it's well optimized and you shouldn't have much trouble playing at Ultra settings. The MSI GeForce RTX 3060 Ti Ventus 2x in our mid-range build was smooth at 1440p, and with some work could be coaxed into playing at 4K...there's a bit of a surprising downturn in performance at 4K

Here are the key takeaways for getting the best performance from Deathloop:

-Shadow Detail has the biggest impact on your frame rate
-Tweak Model and Texture Details to unlock more performance
-Use Nvidia's HBAO+ ambient occlusion on Nvidia GPUs
-Ease back on Anti-aliasing without sacrificing too much image fidelity
-Nvidia Reflex helps battle latency particularly with older GPUs
-Use AMD FSR if your hardware's struggling
Nothing I'm reading from players backs up the claim this is 'well optomized'. Though I have suspected your tied to the review industry for some time now.
Nothing I'm reading from players backs up the claim this is 'well optomized'. Though I have suspected your tied to the review industry for some time now.

those words are from the article I linked...reading is fundamental...
Game really doesn't look that good for the way it runs. Gameplay looks fun though.
It is. So far I'm happy with this. I'm getting my Dishonored/Prey itch scratched.
TBH I wish we would have gotten another Prey type of game, but I guess it just didn’t sell well. I really loved the atmosphere of that game.
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what resolution are you playing at and which GPU?

GTX3080 at 4k (been experimenting with 1440p just for grins back and forth.) I'm happy with what I'm seeing overall. I followed the RPS performance guide. Nothing alarming is happening by any means.
I went ahead and bit. Seems I can run it at 4K/60fps with the details cranked (so far and rocking HBAO rather than RT all the time). The game does NOT like 120Hz, though. It'll look/run fine when looking forward and running in a straight line, but it gets very jittery when you look around at all. I don't think Gsync works or at least it doesn't work very well. Locking my FPS to 60fps via the in-game option seems to be pretty smooth, though. I feel like a game like this would benefit from higher FPS (and lower details), but that doesn't seem to be an option yet. Maybe it'll be updated? If not, I guess 60FPS it is. The game looks good and it has great sound so far. Movement/dashing seems interesting a little different from most games. So far so good, minus the 120Hz thing.
Tough to tell how much of it is people dogpiling, but a lot of the Steam stutter posts claim that Dishonored 2 still has the same issue as Deathloop. I recall lots of performance issues with Dishonored 2 that were eventually resolved for me. I was only ever able to play at 60Hz and with vsync back then, though. Pretty sure I didn't touch it for a long time while waiting for a fix, too. I consider the current version to be playable for me right now, so I plan to fully dive-in over the weekend.
Ha, I love on how the front page of Steam's site it's Deathloop that's prominent, displaying its various 10/10 badges and stars from media. Then you hover over it and user reviews: mixed. :troll: there's some kind of a disconnect here