[DEAD] GOG Games Festival: 3,500+ games discounted up to 90%


Extremely [H]
Jan 28, 2014
The sale runs through April 4.


GOG's choice of game deals:
Nice, thanks!

My recommendations

-Pathfinder WOTR (CRPG) - A lot more polished on release than their last game. Really neat mechanics added (mythic paths) and I enjoyed the setting a lot more than I thought I would. The kingdom management is basically gone/replaced with a mini-game battle system which can be pretty fun.
-Witcher games if you haven't played them all yet. I liked 2 as well, still need to finish 1.
-NWN:EE They haven't really messed with the game like they did BG2, instead focusing more on graphical enhancements and quality of life things. I wish they'd update the UI for the spell system but it's basically just an improved NWN experience.
-Kingdom Come Deliverance
-Daikatana, because why not at $1

Don't recommend:
BG/BG2:EE - play the originals with tutu patch/mod
Tyranny - incomplete, the view of evil seemed black & white / childish to me, very disappointed

For older games:
I'm assuming people have played most of these already, but if you like crpgs then buy basically everything they have. If you like RPGs/FPS game then get vampires, deus ex, fear, etc. Looks like a lot of older big name titles are heavily discounted as well (bioshock, oblivion,
Thank you for posting this. I needed a new toy.

Can’t recommend it enough, not sure what to compare it to, it’s a bit like Diablo, the graphics are beautiful, it’s got lots of unexpected little mini game like things, dont want to spoil anything.