DD: The Official "Post What You've Found" Thread (pics!!)


Limp Gawd
Nov 3, 2003
Please no comments, just a list of what you've managed to pull from the depths of a dumpster and even pictures if possible.

Apt Complex
[4] 1" binders someone had used for biochemistry class
white fan (working!)
blue fleece blanket (threw it in the wash and it was as good as new)
radio/cassette player (working with only a broken window on the cassette area)
small popcorn tin
discover card thingy that they bring you your bill in at a restaurant
No pics for now, maybe later. Let me see...

L-Corner Desk (Just like Steve's)
Long Folding Table

Bar Chair

Magazines (woohoo for pr0n night!)
Wireless XBOX Controller

Pier 1:
(2) Grill basting sets
$100 Clay Vase
Countless sconces<sp>, glasses, plates, etc.
Vinegar jars
Chair base to one of the half-sphere chairs (forgot name)
(4) Wicker Cushioned Dining room chairs
Wrought iron night stand
(12) Hangie things with candle holder. (Right before X-mas too!)
10gal Wooden tub

Apt Complex:
(2) Tall Halogen Lamps
(4) New Poster Frames
Posters (New): Godfather, Eminem, (2) Resivoir Dogs
(Posters and frame were new in bag w/ reciept...bought 2 years previous)
Night stand
15in HP Computer Monitor (red-gun misfires)






Apt. Complex

Three 15" Trinitron Monitors (one needed some soldering done on the circuit board that attaches to the electron gun)
Working Celeron 366 MHz Computer (only needed video card and hard drive)

Kind of weak yes but I don't really have time to dive.
i've never really "dove" but back in 2000 in the apartment building i lived in, i was taking my trash down and found a desk nex to the compactor! it was missing a screw, making the leg loose, so i put in a new screw and made it good as new!
my cool leopard print lamp:

and a huuuuuge old 17" monitor ... looks like it was from a shop, grease fingerprints all over it, cleaned up nice :)
a ton of gateway pins
a couple dead psu's with nice 80mm sunon fans that worked great

a coupld big shoe and random displays that were too big to fit in my car

tons of boxes of books with ripped off covers (didn't really take them seeing they were novels that didn't interest me)
"magazines" aka pr0n (sry no pics lol)

a random assortment of probably about 100 cds and 40 movies
2 dreamcast VMU's (broken but fun to tinker with)
a steering wheel for dreamcast (don't kow if it works)
a couple random playstation and dreamcast games

(tons......probably forgot most of it)
2 webcams (no pics....gave to friends)
a lamp (mattress's lamp blows mine away lol)

2 HUGE cd books that hold ~250 cds in perfect condition

about 1 and a half leather chairs (i have 2 seats and a back plus the arms and bases-a couple casters so i need the pneumatic shaft dealy and some screws to get it together)(if you know where i could buy the pnuematic shaft for a chair pm me)
a couple notefolios with slightly chipped corners (gave to my mom)
2 plastic rolling carts with a couple chips on the drawers but in perfect working order (also gave to my mom)
a toad(no joke, my friends hopped into an almost empty dumpster at the time and found a toad)
a ton of random software that didn't interest us
i know there's more just can't think of it now.....
sry bout the craptastic pics.....

Edit: removed store names is requested
1 NES with light gun and 2 controllors and 5 games. AS of now that;s it.
Local "mom and pop" PC shops:

2 ATX cases
1 stick 128mb Pc100

Local non-profit Computer Literacy Foundation:
2 Dell P3's complete
70 Hard drives (most 2gb)
9 Lappy's - most complete, no pawer cords
No pics and nothing recent. But last year and year before last.
Monitors all working some with cracked cases mostly 15 inch and one 17 inch.
A dozen dead psu good for the fans in them and a few working at psus great for powering extra fans and the like kept 2 gave other 3 or 4 away. % or 6 identical computer case all damaged in dif ways sorry office max you need to do better next time.
Use to love finding 64 pin sims in edo back when it was worth 50 cents to a buck a meg (little more than a year ago) I made alot of money off that old ram. Now with p2s and 3s being converted over to firewall boxes the old 64 pin sims are near worthless o well fun while it lasted. Also not just dumpsters this was road side finds to.
I think the best road side find was at some rich guys house found a 36 inch big screen tv standard crt that was seemingly doa untill i pulled the back off and it had a fuse that was cracked and burnt. Sold the tv for about 350. Should have asked more thing wasnt fun to get home. Imagine this guy rideing on the trunk of a little k car holding on to a big screan tv on the roof going about 10 mph for about 18 miles :\ But wasnt no way we was leaving a big screen tv there.
A friend and I got (a few years ago) an old Dodge Van rear seat. Its a full bench with an ashtray in the arm. We kept it forever, I'll get pics if he still has it. Boy that ashtray came in handy.
Just last week I found a Gateway computer with matching 17" monitor next to the dumpster of my apartment complex. The computer is a 1.7GHz Celeron w/256MB RAM and 40GB hard drive. It would not boot into Windows when I retrieved it but a quick session with the recovery console and CHKDSK fixed that problem. The previous owner had left all his data (school reports, pr0n, etc) on it too!
Asides from being stained yellow and smelling of tobacco, the system was perfect. A few minutes with a Mr. Clean magic eraser got rid of the yellow tobacco stains!

Also, the monitor was working perfectly and it's always good to have a spare one lying around.

Besides the computer, the best thing I ever found whilst DD was a woking Panasonic VCR.
Across the street a buncha college kids were moving out so me and Great Milenko went over there and found

P166 Compy w/ monitor
Stero Reciever
RCA Sterero Speaker wire
Miller lite "Its Miller Time" Sign

Some Questionable material :eek:

And Scarface both VHSs! :D
i went bike riding a few weeks ago and i found a old stripped P3 comp without the cpu, cd-drives. i took my screwdriver set out of my handy bike nike pouch and took out the P3 heatsink and fan(still works but scratched up), sound card which is a working turtle beach(no drivers though), harddrive 15 gb i think(put it on my comp and found out it was a slave drive with rap mp3s(mostly 50cent and emenim) and about a gig of prOn!!!, the psu (non working took out the 80mm fan and threw it away), (working)floppy drive, i left the mobo there and it had an igp. and last week while i was riding my bike i saw a scratched up nice samsung 19inch flat screen moniter, but i didnt have the balls to take it since it was on someones stairs and i also saw a 13inch crappy moniter next to it
Picture Frames
Cd Racks


We also found a couch which we gave someone and I'll post a pic later

JaiQuest Crew
These were more Garbage Picking then Dumpster Diving finds but here it goes:

1 atari (2800 or something)
1 old skool stero system w/ giant speaker I put in my room (complete w/ 8 track!)
3 Tenis raquets
All kinds of Displays and Tables

I'll have to remember the other stuff I found. You guys have inspired me to to some more frequent searching =)
I found a APC SmartUPS 600 LS in the trash here on campus. All it had was bad batteries (they were like 10 years old) so I went to stores and got some new batteries, good as new. Not sure how much this baby is worth, but it is a great find if you ask me.
OC48 Card
4.1 Acer Speakers (broken connector, easily fixed)
Working VCR with Remote Control
some rack-mountable shelves

don't rember what else, right now.
Found this in dallas in one of those big trash bins on a jobsite, I have no idea why they threw this away its in perfect shape and the even threw out the blower for it its one of those carpet dryer blowers. My dad wants to repaint it to look like an electriction and put him in front of our shop, I told him it looks like a girl (it has camel toe) and nipple rings lol

lol, i managed to get a free keyboard from my engineering class teacher in school today. he had a whole box full of old keyboards and encouraged everyone to take one :eek:
I need to do more heavy-duty dumpster diving. I would KILL for a free 1.7Ghz Celeron box-yes, I'm that desperate. Interested in trading?
Stuff I have found or yoinked out of "broken" computers in the Psych Lab:
2 SB Live! sound cards, most likely working, w/ S/PDIF
3 keyboards, all in okay shape
1 P2/400 system with a 8gb hard drive
1 Celly/400 system that needs a new Mobo
1 PowerMac 7100 upgraded to G3/240 and 136mb, after 3 months of use needs new HDD (I'll get to it someday)
2 750mb hard drives, the motors for which may find their way into an RC airplane
1 Celeron/500 system with a 10GB hard drive, perfect condition.
1 BIG roll of Mylar, taken from Art Dept. Curbside
1 Small Jade Bhudda, which I fixed and now lives on my stereo
1 Airbrush Compressor, needs cleaning
I found 2 Oldschoo K6 Comps the other day with 4 gig HD's in each (2 total), various other PCI cards, also 2 PSU's and some nice Prosessor heatsinks with fans.....Who0o0ooo!!
Although this might be more appropriate for another topic, where are the best places to go dumpster diving? I'm perhaps the world's biggest cheapskate, so free PCI soundcards sound darn nice to me.
SpasticTeapot said:
Although this might be more appropriate for another topic, where are the best places to go dumpster diving? I'm perhaps the world's biggest cheapskate, so free PCI soundcards sound darn nice to me.
mom and pop stores, majoe retailers that dont have compactors. So many of them have to destroy anything they throw out :(

on another note:

ive found:
atx case with no sides
k6-2 450 system, just motherboard and cpu, works
p75 HP system, 1.2 gig hard drive with much questionable material and the original napster. It overcloked to 133 :eek: :cool:
I found a couple of DVD players the other night. One was a DVD/VHS combo, the other just a regular player. The regular didn't work, until I opened it up and found the disc jammed inside. Removed it, it works just fine.
i found a grip of stuff:
found a cali king bed from four seasons, great double pillow top it was in back of a Best mattress store with the box springs, just a little shampoo and the asfault came right off
found 4 black barstools retail at 75$ each, these one people got kicked out so i grabed the stuff. it was on the curb.
found a old school jetski, no joke had lots of after stock parts, was in the garbage cause the people got kicked out waiting to file a lost title.
found a whole testors painting paints, atlest 30$ worth of paint, along with 2 car models a lambo and a viper.

thats about it i plan on going next week end for some real diving

read the first post!!!! this is only to post what you've found we do not want feed back!!!
let me see, ive found:

1 dvd player
1 usb cd burner
3 17"crts
1 20"crt
some older computers
a p4 2.0 ghz pc :D
ethernet cables and a router
some speakers
i found a printer the other day..old lexmark, no power cable, empty cartridges, but i'll use the USB cable
Thought I hit the jackpot today....but no. I found a shitload of Windows XP cd's and boxs that look like they were used to install on machines in the store....but the fuckers didn't even give whoever they're selling these computers to the cd's, they just used snippers or something to cut one side so they are unusable and then threw everything in the trash :mad: The foldouts even have the product keys and everything still on them, not blanked out. I checked but try as I might I couldn't find a cd that wasn't destroyed :( I did find some plastic wire shrouding (usefull for engine bay stuff) and a sample pack of hp photo paper though, so it wasn't a complete waste.




My friend and i scored 2 complete HP Netserver LH pro's all they are missing are the memory. they still have all the 9 and 18 gb scsi drives :eek:

ill get pics for those who want them or dont believe me umpon request.
This is what my uncle found. He found it a local Game Crazy gaming store. I don't understand why anyone would trow away such a good xbox with Halo, a control, a demo disk , and all of the cords. As you can see the controller has a broken Joy stick and for some reason while I am trying to play Halo the guy dose not stop jumping. Other than that all it needs is a new controller.

Oh by the way, instead of throwing away the controller I am willing to give it away. Sorry but I will only give you the controller and not the other cable that connects to the xbox (I promised that to a good friend). 1st PM gets the controller.
Sorry, It's been taken.

Lets see what I have got.

Neighbor next door throwing away patio furiture set of: 4 wrought iron chairs and table.
I repainted and is on the back porch. A 10,000 rpm compaq 9.2gb hotswap hd found in garbage can, not tested. All I got so far.