DC Vault 2

If anyone is looking for suggestions as to where to put their CPU's to work. Our 3 weakest projects right now are:

Accoustics also got moved to the Physical Science category instead of Mathematics where it is a better fit now.
If anyone is looking for project suggestions between sprints/challenges, I recommend Rake Search and/or SRBase. Those are the two projects that we have the most opportunity to gain 1st place in the DC-Vault with.
I would love to run SRBase more often, but those WU's turn all my CPU's into flaming suns because they use AVX.
That they do. Maybe reduce the number you run using app_config files?
I will have to do that if I decide to push SRBase hard.

It does appear I can gain us a spot in PG soon. Not sure how much that will help, as the DCV scoring is a mystery to me.
Yeah it wont be a lot, but every little bit helps so crunch away.

Here is the scoring the Primegrid.


Notice we have 9,935.42 points for the project. If we move up two spots we'll have 9,945.11 points for that project so we will gain 9.69 points overall. Our overall score for DCV is 273,507.79 so we will then be at 273,517.48 overall points. We'll still be in 2nd, but a tad bit closer to 1st.

Here is the break down.


This is why projects that don't have a lot of teams are worth more points (unless you're first).

All first place projects give 10k points. That's the base line.
I will try and remember to dig out my link from a page made by the Dutch Power Cows team that has the point breakdowns and everything. Makes it easy to see position scoring changes and such. Will probably be tomorrow sometime.
Shoot, we need to focus on f@h: we lost a place and 0.10 points!
The Team-Ninja forums domain name has expired. Rusty is aware so there is currently no access to posting issues in their forums. On a positive note, we took another spot at Rakesearch which was worth 82 points.
The Team-Ninja forums domain name has expired. Rusty is aware so there is currently no access to posting issues in their forums. On a positive note, we took another spot at Rakesearch which was worth 82 points.
Yeah, I crunched over a million points at Rake in 24 hours yesterday. :cool:

Looks like we got approval.
We gained two positions in DC-Vault for SRBase. That's about 126 points or roughly 63 points gain per position. We are currently at 20th spot and still a long way to go.
Coleslaw and others involved with the DC-Vault:
I am from the Dutch Power Cows, besides being RobertN or RobertS69 you may also know me as iconized.
I lost access to the team-ninja forum, password resetting or creating a new account does not work there.

Some months ago I ordered some new hardware, did an installation of some other OS.
I typed dc-vault.net in the FF-browser and found a new site made by HardOCP.
I made a reference on that on the DPC-forum, soon after that dc-vault.com stopped working.

Some of you went above and beyond to keep the DC-Vault alive, thank you!
But eh what now? In DPC there are still many members who want to continue.
Reading Beyond's last post on the team-ninja forum Ars Technica hasn''t lost interest either.

Can you come up with some official announcement that HardOCP runs the show now on dc-vault.net?
Well... HardOCP is basically 2 members (one being myself) that was going to take over things and hope things worked out. However, the member with the keys to the server which we don't own has dropped off the radar and I am trying to get his attention to see if things can get fixed. I have also been in talks with Rusty who is one of the original owners and might still have some access. We are in a crossroads at the moment. The database is messed up and we don't know how what happened as we didn't touch the old sites database (to my knowledge). The domain expires in a couple weeks and I have to decide whether to renew it or not based on the possibility of not being able to do anything with it. I know this isn't what people want to hear. The new site we were building was making good progress but I brought up some legal concerns since the original owners and designers of the DC-Vault never had anything in writing handing over ownership of such content. So, we halted production as discussions continued. We don't even know if we can legally continue to use their ideas and graphics, etc... as that could lead to legal consequences for us down the road if one of them decided to take action. We were holding off announcing team [H]ard|OCP taking it over until the new site was completed and launched.

Also, that Coleslaw user is not my account. It was taken long before I came here. However, I do go by Coleslaw in the BOINC world.
Well... I went ahead and renewed the domain for another year in hopes that maybe someone that knows more about hosting websites and databases is interested in taking a crack at it or possibly building a new site. I have not heard from CV for a couple months now and am wondering if he is ok. If anyone is interested in possibly taking on this project, let me know.

RobertS69 , if you wold let the Cows know and put the feelers out, that would be appreciated.