Dan A4 ITX Case - Custom Modified Hydrographics

Mar 21, 2016


Due to a change in plans, I have reluctantly decided to sell my Dan A4 custom modified case. I did consider keeping this in storage as it is such an awesome case, but felt that would be a shame for such a beautiful case just to sit in the loft. The case is in an excellent condition, with no dents/damage etc, and which has been modded as detailed below.

The case comes with a very special and unique graphics and which you can see in the photo's. This was professionally applied via a hydrographics coat, and which then had several clear coats to protect and seal it in. This was a truly excellent job and cost £140 (was done by www.wickedcoatings.co.uk).

In addition to the graphics, the following modification have been made:
  • Extended the side panels mounting through the use of permanent magnets. These enables the panels to be very securely attached, but also easily removed. More importantly, it provides an addition 3-4mm of spacing for CPU cooler, and also better escape of GPU/CPU hot air. Additional spacing can be easily created by simply adding additional magnets and thereby allowing even larger CPU coolers.
  • 4mm standoffs (provides and extra 3mm CPU cooler clearance over the standard 7mm)
  • Ability to mount a top 100mm fan above PSU (optional to help draw the heat away form the MB)
  • Painted 3M extension cable (correctly done with plastic based paint, NOT automotive)
  • Replaced the front power switch with a quality front red LED anti-vandal switch (matches the graphics perfectly and much higher quality over the standard switch which was a bit wobbly)
  • Hi-Fi feet (Provides MUCH better grip over the standard fleet and also has the benefit of slightly increasing the case height and better airflow)