Cut and Paste with Tabs include


Limp Gawd
Mar 22, 2014
I'm looking for a way I can cut and paste data that would include the Tab function from the source. For example I have to enter data into the same fields on a web form. I have a word doc with the data separated by tabs and I would like to cut and paste that data into the web form, but it is not keeping the tab field and so it either puts everything into the same field or just errors. I can have notepad with the data separated by tab and can paste it into excel and it will put the data into separate fields, so it seems like it should be possible on the web forms.

Is this a web browser setting or other windows setting I'm not checking? Or is there speciality app that will make this work?



[H]F Junkie
Jun 7, 2007
I think it needs to be a specific type of text entry field, or else you have to intercept the data and enter the text with tabs using javascript and DOM. Someone has probably asked on stackoverflow (or similar) before, if nobody knows an exact answer here.