Custom laptop companies - CUK, ProStar - Are they good?

Aug 19, 2018
I am looking to upgrade to a new laptop. There are two laptop companies that I have heard of and need a "thumbs up or thumbs down".
The two are Computer Upgrade King and Pro Star.
Also, if there is another that needs to be in the discussion, I would like to know about them too.
Later today I can put links to the laptops I am considering.

The ProStar shown is the base model. I would add some options to be similar to the CUK laptop.
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Not sure what you're going for here. Are you looking for a specific configuration? Any major laptop manufacturer will have models to pick from. You can get semi-customizable solutions from Dell/HP/Lenovo.
Just looking to see if these companies are reputable. I know there is a small percentage of people that will bad mouth a company if they got mistreated, but would like to know if either have a good or bad reputation for things like slow shipping, poor customer service, etc.
I probably made it confusing by adding the links to the models I'm considering. I just wanted to make it clear that I am not looking at a super cheap laptop, nor a super high end one.
I have never heard of either but they don't look custom.
-CUK looks like they just resell normal OEM laptops you could buy directly from the manufacturers yourself and charge you to upgrade the ram and hdd.
-Prostar looks like they just resell the same white box laptops Sager, Clevo, and some Chinese companies resell.

Your best bet is to just keep an eye out on slick deals for a gaming laptop that catches your eyes. There have been all sorts of good deals lately. Ram and SSD are simple upgrades. No reason to pay someone else to do them and god knows if you even get manufacturer warranty with them.
I have bought 3 of CUK's SFF DeskMini Ryzenn
setups for friends or family and not have had an issue with them. No different than buying the parts and assembling myself, but got a warranty and support that I didn't have to provide.
Isn't there a German company that makes crazy DTR customs?
I believe it's Eurocom is Custom DTR Laptop business