mmk. played about five rounds. best was third place. don't see the appeal. going back to Far Cry 5.
Played a couple rounds and noticed that a chunk of the map is inherited from HL2.
I dig the concept of battle royale, I really do. I just wish we can figure out more creative ways to prolong an essentially 99 v 1 mode or even more players on the battlefield. Heck, this CS GO BR mode doesn't even support a fourth of that.

I've been in hopes that devs would get on the Planetside 2 esque train again. So much potential for an hours long(no map change) battle. Star Wars, to realistic shooters, to even fortnite esque graphic/themes.

But in the end, team play seems to be on the back burner these days, and it's all about that individual or squad win at most now.
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I had some fun playing Danger Zone last night, but as of an update that just happened hours ago, no go. Client crashes as soon as the chopper rappel scene starts. Welp, gg, I guess.