Crypto Friend made this Room


Apr 9, 2000
I have watched this in the making over the last year. He was the first to show 13x1080ti's could mine in Windows way back on bitcointalk. Slowly amped it up to run masternodes, which turned into buying a blade server and just running a bunch of wild things together in a custom room he built.

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Had to edit since it was 13x1080ti's first shown mining on Windows. Also decided to post on this forum first as this is where I heard about crypto because of F@H and Boinc miners.

Some things you see are baby USB Scrypt Asics, Hashaltcoin F1 Mini FPGA's, a few 2990 Threadrippers, a bunch of raspberry pi's, the HP blade server and a bunch of custom stuff. Grafana is now monitoring the room's automation down to the vacuum. He previously did not know how to code or use Linux, so its really cool to see what this monstrosity turned into.
I like the cableway skirt on floor, may have to do that - I hate wires all over the place, they always end up in knots/entangled it seems just being there.

While the ethernet cable is shielded, wrapping them in coils makes them act like a coil and can have interference from A/C current due to inductance- probably not too critical here. We had communication failure between a motor drive and a Servo Drive Motor where it would periodically cause errors stopping production. After changing out cabling, servo motor, drive etc. we found that the communication cable was wrapped in a coil next to a transformer, moving it away caused all the errors to stop.