CryEngine 5.5 Released


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Mar 3, 2018
A major update to Crytek's CryEngine was released today, featuring over "1000 fixes, changes, improvements, and features" since the last release. Some highlights include SVO Ray-traced Shadows, a documentation overhaul, terrain system improvements, game platform plugins, a Unity migration guide, and a Flappy Boid development tutorial, which you can see here.

With loads of new and exciting features in this major release, we also need to clarify on a decision we made moving onward to CRYENGINE 5.6 that unfortunately will take something away from the community. We will discontinue support for 32-bit Windows platforms from here on out. This means CRYENGINE 5.5 is the last engine version that you will be able to develop games for 32-bit systems with.
Even within the context of a small demonstration like this... That video doesn't inspire confidence in that engine. :p

The feature list is pretty impressive though.
The Flappy Boid thing must be a joke... but I don't get it... are they trying to target indy devs but at the same time mock them, or is this their symbolic cry for having to start from scratch? Maybe Christopher Nolan can help me understand with a 3 hour interpretive dance...
The engine is used in the early access game Hunt: Showdown and it looks pretty nice.

You aren't kidding. It's gorgeous, moody, lush, and only getting better every release.



The engine is used in the early access game Hunt: Showdown and it looks pretty nice. I don't know if the game uses the latest engine, but it is the same company that makes the engine that makes the game, so I guess that might be the case.

Oh, I know. Just giving the video the proverbial business. I don't have any real complaints with their engine. Crytek themselves? I have a few complaints, but their engine is pretty solid. I prefer id's Tech engines myself, but nothing wrong with CryEngine.
I did some forum trawling a while back why people prefer cryengine over ue4 (or rather why ue4 is so popular) and the overwhelming point was that the cryengine documentation is abysmal, whereas on the ue4 side it's brilliant.
I'd love to see another Crysis multiplayer; it's the last game that changed my keyboard layout. :)

We still play Crysis Wars online, but it's hard to do without Gamespy.