Create Your Own Alexa Skills at Home With Alexa Blueprints


[H]F Junkie
Apr 25, 2001
Amazon has released their 'Alexa Blueprints' to the public that will enable anyone to create their own Alexa skills at home. Amazon claims you don't need to know code or anything like that to utilize the Blueprints. All you have to do is go to and get started with one of their templates. Since I have a couple of Dots I think I'll give this a shot myself.

The templates are designed so you can just fill in the bits and pieces that make them personalized to your needs. You won’t need to go through a series of complicated steps, and no technical knowledge is required. The templates are even pre-filled and work as is, if you just want to try them out before making your own.
Oh boy! Let's all give amazon MORE of us, and then we can do Samsung's, and Googles, and then Microsoft's AIs too, so they know everything about all of us... uh, let's not.
Does anyone know a way to turn off all of Alexa's blathering dialog? I just want voice command, not an assistant.
If this still phones home instead of being able to run locally, without phoning home, no thanks.