Create a pinstripe suit texture


Limpness Supreme
Feb 8, 2005
You ever just said, "Heck, I'm bored. Let's go make a texture of a pinstripe suit?" Well I did. For anyone wondering how to make a cheap, easy fabric or cloth texture, here's how it's done!

Step 1: Create a blank workspace. I used a 1024x1024 canvas, but you can use any resolution you want.

Step 2: Fill it with the solid color of your choice. I wanted a grey pinstripe suit, so I used a dark grey color.

Step 3: Create the pinstripes. You could draw lines if you want. Me, I prefer a fill-and-remove method, so I used GIMP's "pattern fill" tool with "Stripes" selected.

Step 4: Not necessary, but I find it helps me work. Orient the canvas in the position you'd like the stripes to go. For me, this was top-to-bottom, so I rotated the canvas 90*.

Step 5: Get rid of the excess stripes. If you drew the lines instead of using the fill tool, you don't need to worry about this.

Step 6: Change the stripe color to the color you'd like the pinstripes to be. If you drew the lines, you probably already had the correct color selected.

Step 7: Noisify the entire canvas. I used GIMP's Filter->Noise->RGB Noise tool.

Step 8: Either desaturate the noise, or, if you're using the RGB Noise tool, make sure that Independant RGB is un-checked.

Step 9: Create a new layer for your fabric. This layer will house the horizontal and vertical stripes that create the "weave" effect on the fabric. Yes, I know GIMP has a "Weave" filter. I don't know how to use it!

Step 10: Create a grid of horizontal and vertical lines running across the new layer. To do this, I used GIMP's "pattern fill" tool with "Stripes Fine" selected.

Step 11: I then rotated the canvas 90* again, created a new layer, and used the "pattern fill" tool with "Stripes Fine" again. I followed this up by merging the two weave layers into one, and adjusted the opacity to 20%.

Step 12: The texture is complete! Feel free to add ridiculous shades or silly words and post it up on DeviantArt as a "dark and moody" background!