Craftsman 19.2 volt Lithium Ion Batteries


Sep 9, 2019
I have a craftsman 19.2 compact lithium battery #315.pp2011 and a larger capacity craftsman 19.2 lithium battery #130285006. The compact has 5 cells and the middle cell is bad. The larger battery has 10 cells and 2 are bad. The compact has 11865 green cells in it and the larger is 18650 blue cells. I believe the cells are the same size but my guess is they are different amp hour batteries. I would like to take two green cells from the compact and put them in the larger capacity battery but don't know if that would work properly or if I'd just be better off trying to put 5 of the blue cells in the compact. I'd rather be able to make the the higher capacity battery work but I'm just trying to avoid buying new cells and use what I've got.