CPU for 4K gaming


[H]F Junkie
Sep 25, 2003
This is one those things I feel like I keep learning and forgetting. So quick question….for a gaming only computer, is there any reason to get anything faster than say a i5-12400 if I’m gaming at 4K?
No, though I'd want 8 p cores rather than 6 for newer and upcoming games. The i5 12400f has six, which is generally OK.
At this point, I'd probably wait for a 13400 as it's supposed to have slightly higher clocks and some e cores.
Well I wanted to get something now and found a 12400 for $150 so just went that route and I’ll upgrade later if needed. GPU is a 3080 btw and I plan to play some older games like portal 2 and halo mcc.
Yeah, at 4K, unless you are lowering your settings at 4K or chasing benchmarks, you are almost always going to be 100% GPU limited. As long as your CPU is within a generation or 2, you will be fine.
A bit like for 1080, depend what your aimed FPS, video card and game you play on a 3080 should be ok (and ok would englobe a very large amount of CPU a 9900k certainly would be OK and is a good step below a 12400).

There is reasons to get a better cpu, has it tend to affect everything the computer do and in some game situation the 1% low and even average FPS would be higher, is it worth it to you, being quite subjective.
Someone tested 2600x to 7600x (2600-3600-5600) with a 1080TI with a 2600x has a reference has well, cpu usage and FPS in games at 1440p and 4k:

For some game at 4K the average does not move but 1% low get a near 50% jump (like at 8:37)

Would be nice to have it for more regular next gen GPU has well, were the notion on being on a budget or still on a 2600-3600 would be more common among buyers