Court Case Alleges Zuckerberg set up Fraudulent Scheme to Weaponise Data


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Apr 25, 2001
Former startup Six4Three is suing Facebook and alleges that they weaponized user data. The latest filings in this case, which originally started in 2015, say Facebook would tempt developers with long-term access to all the user data available so they could create platforms within Facebook. Once the platforms became popular Facebook would try to extract money, co-opt them or destroy them. Six4Three also alleges that upwards of 40,000 were defrauded by Facebook in this manner. There are many more allegations and this is going to be interesting if the suit isn't thrown out.

“The evidence uncovered by plaintiff demonstrates that the Cambridge Analytica scandal was not the result of mere negligence on Facebook’s part but was rather the direct consequence of the malicious and fraudulent scheme Zuckerberg designed in 2012 to cover up his failure to anticipate the world’s transition to smartphones,” legal documents said.
Six4Three is just still butt hurt that Facebook keeps updating their Terms of Service, I mean Facebook is a form of concentrated evil but Six4Three are just worse.... back in 2015 Facebook blocked 3'rd party access to photos and their entire business model was scraping profiles for bikini and boob photos which then shut down about 90% of their business so they sued Facebook and lost because Facebook was pretty clear that they could change what data people did and didn't have access to. So then they made some new apps for Facebook's mobile platform (basically a CHIVE rip off) and Facebook upped their advertising rates and they couldn't afford to advertise it and the platform never took off, which they blamed Facebook for then too (but it was a shit service that just scrapped photos from other sites).
Who's worse?

The guy who steals your data under the guise of "social media" and sells it to everybody and anybody


the guy who wants to put up sleezy ads on the guy's website who stole your data to begin with?
I am going to take a minute to giggle........
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