Could D5 interfence with video cable signal?


Limp Gawd
Jun 29, 2006
I am externally mounting a reservoir with a D5 pump that could be a 1-3 inches away from the video cable. Is there any possibility of the magnets in the D5 messing with the video signal?
Dang. I'm really going to need to hope for the best then! TY. I just noticed D5 descriptions usually state "A separate magnetic shielding of the pump is not needed." I might be able to get it 4-5 inches away if I go with a shorter reservoir.
dang what? it shouldnt be a prob, and they state that no shielding is needed so assuming its shielded somehow.
If i can run two of them inside my case inches away from my gpu, nvme, memory and mb problem wont have any issues running one next to a vga cable. Your gtg.