Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

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I love it!

It works as advertised! That is why I keep purchasing Corsair memory (and other Corsair products!)
Corsair is super reliable and makes quality gear that tends to be well-thought out.
Well they have a great reputation in the community, and they seem to listen to what the enthusiast wants.
They are an A+ company in my opinion and I don't hesitate to recommend their products.

I had some awesome Corsair PC150 DDR sticks back in the day for my first homebuilt system with an Athlon XP 1500+ but currently my only Corsair product is the HX520 PSU in my system.
I am looking hard at a Corsair 600T case to replace what I currently have and I'm tempted to try out a H50/70 watercooling system.

...maybe they should branch into the video card market? :p
Corsair RAM (hell most if not all Corsair products I have used) kick ass because they are durable. You can run them long and hard and they dont break or fail. Nuff said.
Corsair RAM was the first ram I ever put in a system, and haven't looked back. Always my recommendation for builds due to quality.
I've never dealt with Corsair Customer Service, cause their products were so good, I never needed to.

Corsair memory has been the only kind in my computers for the last decade with good reason: it's absolutely rock solid. It took a computer that was prone to bluescreens and random shutdowns and made it run perfectly, and after that I've never looked back. The only stick I ever had a problem with (due to my own error) was replaced within a week with a slightly faster part, at no charge.
Because Corsair is the pinnacle of memory modules. If you want the best, then Corsair is the last word.
Corsair is the only choice for me when it comes to memory. It has always performed excelent and without problems.
When I came out of the womb my first words were "CORSAIR".

And I have been living by them words every since. Best memory you can ever buy for any system. Keep up the excellent work.
I have corsair power supplies but I seem to always buy Gskill memory.
Maybe they can make me change.
well you will always need to upgrade and hardly downgrade, i guess it's time to upgrade, but for student like me this gifts worth more than free ram, i can buy another book to read.
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Corsairs has always been awesome company !! a year ago i lost a set of power cables for my hx1000,when i moved. so i called them up and they sent me a set for free in a nice bag & with free shipping. i know how the customer service kicks ass,just think how the CORSAIR RAM WILL KICKs ASS!!! thanks again
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