Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

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I've had their RAM since my 2nd computer after I had some trouble with OCZ. Ever since then Corsair all the way. Never had to do RMA since!
Corsair has been one of the top manufacturers since back in the day. When something works why change?
I've never had any trouble from any Corsair memory & I tend to lean towards them when selecting RAM for new machines.
Corsair kicks major bootay because they make the best memory products and offer the best support on the market. Yes folks, it really is that simple.
I had xms2 for some time in my previous rig and was very pleased. Also using corsair power supplies. So let's rock on with some new ram!
Corsair rocks because it whips the llama's ass.

Err I mean Corsair is awesome for there great tech support and excellent products.
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I got Crucial Ballistix RAM and it's giving me errors, I RMAd once, now the second computer I had it in is getting errors too, I'm tired of RMAing - I'd like to try Corsair memory so I could tell you how kick ass it is. May I have some please?

I bought Corsair for the first time back in '98 or '99 because of reviews here at the [H] of how much it kicked ass.

For a cheap family/friend budget box I might go with a sale on lesser brands at Fry's, but when I want rock solid, fast, OC'able, and solid support for a gaming/video/encoding rig, I go Corsair. Every time.

I'm on a S754 rig:(. I sure would like this Corsair set to anchor a new build;)
I can't say why Corsair Kicks Ass...But I'm willing to give it a try. Seems like a good idea and it's too good to pass up.

I think I'll review it when/if the gods give me a chance :)
I know Corsair rocks... look at my sig! This is my 9th self-built machine and every machine since number 5 has had Corsair sticks in it. I'm definitely a fan!
Huge Corsair fan here too (can see in the sig :D) this contest over? And just to add, I always add Corsair to any rig I build, not once in all my builds have I had a stick go bad. Sometimes there are cheaper deals out on the web, but I will pay a little more if it comes to that for the piece of mind. This is the first I've actually seen of these and they look MEAN! Corsair will be in my new build as well, I haven't gone DDR-3 yet, I am waiting for the new 2011 socket to come out, but if I can win these, I'll upgrade that rickety old motherboard in my sig to go with the Q9550 I just bought to hold me over...

...only bad thing I've had happen to Corsair is their thumb drives. I keep forgetting where I put them...but to their credit, they always seem to come back and find me :D
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I had OCZ DDR3 1600Mhz ram in my i7 machine and had trouble stablilizing it at 1600 with advertised timings.

Plugged in Corsair DDR3 1600Mhz ram, set the BIOS to default, set the XMP profile.
BOOM.... 1600 MHz stable. Corsair has never failed me.
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Cosair sails into the digital world. Always been my goto ram for high performance and good cost!!

and now we can say we got the VengEance in our box!!
corsair's design rocks..

dominators r the sexiest rams evarrrrrr but ill take the vengence for free =D
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Corsair kicks ass cause it's very cool looking and OC's very nicely :).
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