Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

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Kick ass? Corsair IS ass! I've had 2 memory modules fail on me in just under a year of use (tested with memtest86). Granted this was about 4 years ago with the old comp in my signature.
I've been using a Corsair power supply and it's been rock solid. I assume based on hearsay that their ram is the same way.
I can truly vouch to say that Corsair products have been the best I've ever owned or installed for friends. Very reliable but if there is a problem Corsair's RMA department is a pleasure to work with toward resolution.

With the above said, I'm a dedicated Corsair product user and owner. Yeah, I know, I gotta blow some dust out. :p

Holy Heatsinks, I want to pop those puppies in my X58 and ditch my OCZ crap that can't run it's rating specs. I've RMA's corsair RAM before - painless process and that's just part of why they kick ass. I'll tell you more about how much more ass Corsair kicks after I win me a set of some Vengeance.. (has a nice ring to it)
hope I am not too late *crosses fingers*

Corsair is awesome because of their reliability and low failure rates.
Corsair has been consitanty on top of performance shootouts and well within their rated specs. Getting some off the shelf perform just like the ones in reviews. Not being a one hit wonder is why Corsair kicks ass.
Awesome memory with creative heatsink designs and terrific customer service. That's kickass, imo. :D
Corsair ram kicks ass because it looks fucking awesome and has the performance to go with it.
I <3 Corsair! :D Because it is the best RAM haven't had any issues with incompatibilities in any of my builds. Very trust worthy brand!
Corsair RAM kicks ass because they're an American company, and I want to support the growth of American jobs right now!
I love the 6gb kit that I have on my Core i7. Another set would give me a great reason to upgrade upon redeployment. Have not had an issue yet with this set of ram, unlike previous vendors I have used.
Corsair all together is great, been rocking the ddr2 dominator kit since, upgrade would be nice
Been rocking Corsair memory for some time now, hell I even have a Corsair Heatsink (A50)..... They simply rock. No issues and they even reply back to questions when you email them. The only think sweeter is free... and I like free ;)
From Experience:

Every time I've had Corsiar - I've never been disappointed. The few times I've diverged, it's been terrible. Want to go back now, but cannot afford to =/. Eventually though, I'll get back.

Corsair rocks, period, they have never failed me.
Corsair ram kicks ass because my cat, who is black, ate something he wasn't suppose to and pooped it out some time later. Ram kicks more ass than that.
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