Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

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Because I keep my wallet in my back pocket, when I pay the extra premium for well made and tested corsair memory, it ends up kicking me in the arse so hard that it feels good.
they kick so much ass that i have 4 of their products in my case including the case!! the obsidian!
Corsair has been quality since day one. Competitively priced, industry leading innovation, performance, style and support. They are now the basis for all ram standards.. It really doesn't matter what product you purchase from Corsair, its gonna rock and cause everyone else to drool.. You simply can't go wrong.
They kick A** because they have awesome support, innovative products, and the sexiest memory around with those heatsinks.
They kick ass because the RAM with similar specs from a certain company that shall remain nameless wouldn't run for shit in my box, but the Corsair ones do.
I'll tell you why: I have Corsair DDR modules that are a few years old now, still perform like they were new. I have never ONCE had to return a Corsair product I have bought! I have several ram kits and power supplies and they all kick ass!
Corsair Ram kicks ass because a 4gig stick got me a date with Punky Brewster and simultaneously cured a cancer on my 3 iron.... L337
Corsair Ram is the best in terms of performance and customer service.Also once I used a stick of their ram to fight of a grizzley bear and have also used the heat sink fins as a comb.
You know why they kick ass, because you plug in the modules and they just work. You have problems or issues they try to help you. If you have truly bad ram they do the RIGHT thing and send you new not refurbished or re-manufactured RAM.
10.12.20 depends if the memory hs does not impact the vert fan on the cpu.
Corsair kicks ass because they make great products at reasonable prices and back it up with great customer service.
I have had corsair ram in my OC'ed work box for....5 years(?) and it still kicks ass!
Corsair memory kicks butt because it is RELIABLE. I use it in both my gaming machine
(got the low latency/fast timing matched set with heat sinks) and my XP/Linux web machine.
You buy it from Newegg, it shows up on your doorstep fast, you throw it in and it just fires
right up and runs. I've had troubles with the MBs, the video cards, the S/W, but not the
memory. I'm a fan.
it kicks ass because operating liability equals reduced failure liability........

Corsair memory simply keeps on keeping on................
I honestly don't know why they are kick ass but If I had to think of a reason, it would be that they haven't let me down yet.
Best ram I have used in from nephews, cousins, family computers in general for the last 8 years. Plus, never win shit anyways, why not? :p :mad:
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