Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

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I've used Corsair memory for many years now. Its usually ahead of the curve, reasonably priced, and always performs to specification. I've always gotten great support should a stick die etc. Always recommended.
Corsair kicks ass because I've always used them for my home PC builds and have NEVER had a problem with any of their modules.
So Corsair kicks so much ass that my ass actually - literally - hurts! One of their PSUs just reached out the other day, with its modular cable, and KICKED MY ASS OUCH STOP THAT STOP DOING THAT!
Corsair kicks ass because they have the most reliable memory I have ever purchased before, and their excellent memory line has given them the financial ability to move into other arena's in the hardware world, enabling customers to have access to products like the H50/70, A50/70, amazing tower cases, and one of the best PSU lines ever. I buy Corsair every time I can because I know they care about the quality of their products.
Corsair kicks ass because of the awesome finned heatsinks that are on their RAM. Secondly it's nice not having to run memory diagnostics anymore because I have never received a bad stick of RAM and I've never had any memory issues since I've used them.
Corsair RAM kicks ass because I've used it in 4 of my own builds over the past 8 years, overclocked them all, and never had a RAM failure. Pure awesome.
Corsair Ram kicks ass because you know its going to work the first time, everytime. No RMAs, no fooling around with settings, its just works.
This is great looking memory. If I had this ram it would be so freakin' sweet. Seriously.
Corsair kicks ass becuase my Dominators have been kicing strong and Letting me fold aweosmeley.
I have in the past used OCZ memory, except for the one time at present with Corsair. It seems that the Corsair DDR3 has the ability to operate at somewhat tighter timeings, all things being equal. So now I have a decision to make in the furture. Probably based on price, but leaning to the Corsair sticks.
I've been using Corsair for the past few years, and now even considering buying one of their PSU. Good quality products, good customer service. I wanna win!
because I now use Corsair for my RAM, CPU cooler, and power supply needs and they're awesome as hell! :D
What can I say? Corsair ram takes my system BeYonD ReaLitY by the smooth performance of its overclockability. This lonely VET sure could use 12GB of ram of high performance DDR3 ram!
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