Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

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Corsair has built a reputation of making a quality product that performs very well against other products out there.
Of all the memory I've bought over the years, Corsair sticks have always been the most consistent performers, always going above and beyond specified timings at low voltages. Have 6gb of Corsair memory in my rig at the moment and would love to add more!
Corsair kick ass because they have always used the best chips for the best performance and overclocking. They have always had excellent customer service and relationship with their customers. What more could you ask for?
I would love to get one of these sets for my Wifes computer. Corsair has never failed me; it's always works at the specified speeds which counts a lot more than looks but Corsair does not lack there either.
Corsair kicks ass because it's super fast, priced right, and looks fantastic in my rig
In the few instances where I couldn't get a Corsair stick to perform as advertised, Corsair has ALWAYS hand picked and tested a replacement and cross-shipped it to me.

Great product backed by even better support and service. The first without the second isn't worth much to me.
Corsair is pretty much the only thing I use if I have a choice, and has been since I started building pc's . . . quite a while ago.
Corsair is the only manufacturer of RAM that I will choose.

I own 18 total GB of XMS3 1600 C8, and they are all badass sticks.
They kick ass because when the machines rise up and try to enslave humanity these sticks of ram will be the only thing that stand between us and them!
Back when I first got into building PCs, 10+ years ago, one of the things I spent a lot of time researching was which hardware was quality vs. which wasn't. What made a good PSU, or a stick of RAM, or an optical disc drive.

I've forgotten most of what I learned back then, and the stuff I do remember isn't really useful anymore, but at least one thing has remained constant: Corsair makes some damn good RAM.
A touch of grey, suits my computer anyway, that is all that I have to say, and it's all right.
I've been using Corsair RAM exclusively in my systems for nearly 5 years. Corsair RAM kicks ass because they are like a best friend: rock solid and completely dependable.
Corair memory kicks ass because I've always had good solid RAM from them! Great performance and just plain works!
Corsair is one of my favorite companies for all types of computer equipment. I have the Obsidian 800D case, corsair PSU, and I always buy corsair ram. All their stuff is super high quality and dependable. gimme that ram so I can take it out of my cart at newegg to go along with the upgrade i'm buying soon! :D
They kick so much ass it's the only RAM I ever use for any builds I do...personal or for someone else.:D
Corsair kicks ass because their RMA does not insult your intelligence.

pick me!
rock-solid stability, Corsair has been my 'go-to' brand of memory for years
It kicks ass because it helped my grandma cross the street. Corsair you are a gentleman and a scholar.
Because I've really liked the value of my DDR2 800mhz XMS2. The matched sticks were good bang for the buck/
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