Corsair teases MP700 PCI-E Gen 5 SSD with 10GB/s sequential read speed


Extremely [H]
Jan 28, 2014
On Corsair's webpage for the forthcoming AMD AM5 processors, they published a chart teasing a new SSD model called the MP700 that supports four lanes of PCI-E Gen5 and claims up to 10GB/s of sequential read speed. For comparison, the Samsung 980 Pro Gen 4 SSD shows up to 7GB/s sequential burst read and 5GB/s sustained. Not quite the jump we saw moving from Gen 3 to Gen 4. Corsair boasts, "Say goodbye to loading screens." We'll see how that works out in the real world, but we'll need DirectStorage first to take full advantage of it.

yeah... going ssd to x4 nmve doesnt really make any difference with games, betting this doesnt either unless direct storage really really helps...
It’s a direct storage thing.

For Direct storage to properly work you need optional parts of the NVME controller spec. Very few drives actually implemented those optional specs because nothing used them. Now direct storage does use them and the new drive controllers are implementing them so it’s a pretty decent uplift. If you manage to find a PCIE4 based NVME drive that does have it and compare it to the 5’s the difference in real life game performance is pretty marginal.