Corsair SF750 sfx psu, Dragonfly Red DAC, iPad smart folio keyboard, picoPSU


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Jan 20, 2010
prices are negotiable, shoot me an offer! if i'm way off with prices let me know. all prices shipped.

Corsair SF750 SFX PSU - 120$
all accessories and box included. light use, maybe half a year. had to upgrade from my SF600 due to 3080, but now sold the 3080 going back to the SF600

AudioQuest Dragonfly Red v1.0 - 80$

PicoPSU 150xt with power brick and 2x3 SATA power - 75$

iPad Pro keyboard folio for 11" - 90$

lightly used - tiny bit of dust on it but otherwise like new. fits all models 2018 and up

Space Gray Macbook Pro M1 10core CPU/16 core GPU/16G RAM/512G SSD - SOLD

ASUS TUF RTX 3080 10G LHR - 350$SOLD

Sonnet 11 Thunderbolt 4 dock - 140$ SOLD

2018 iPad Pro 11" space gray 256G wifi - 275$ SOLD

Gigabyte Z490I Aorus Ultra ITX motherboard - 60$Sold

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Which version of the DragonFly do you have? Assuming that I'm reading the website correctly, the latter versions are compatible with the iPhone/Android.
hey, iirc i was able to use the AQ app to update firmware, so its > v1.2

let me verify this for you though, because i also have a Black and hopefully i'm not mixing them up in my head!

im travelling for work right now so i'll post when i'm back home and able to plug it in and check for sure.(y)
oof forgot about this again - dragonfly red is a v1.0

Screenshot 2023-07-06.000326@2x.png

Screenshot 2023-07-06.000325@2x.png

and a bump for price drops!
yep! dropped it again... under 1300 shipped now... if no one takes it i'm just going to use it to watch movies or something :eek:
That's a 16" right? =P Will mull it over the afternoon.
Edit: Saw title, 16" confirmed lol.
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