Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!

Corsair runs through my veins. I've NEVER had any trouble with their products. Corsair for life!
Because Corsair is amazing and I try to use as many of their components in my builds as possible.
Love Corsair stuff and have been using them for many years throughout different builds. Sadly my current rig has no Corsair products and would like to remedy that.
my christmas list is loaded with corsair!! 400r, h100, force gt, psu!!! pick me pick me!!!
Corsair is awesome because they make high quality products, with great designs and integrated features. They also stand behind their products and work hard to make things right for the customer. If all companies worked this hard, the world would work just a bit more smoothly!
What I like about Corsair is

The make nice small cases like the 800D I have
Their support people are outstanding and really helpful.
Their products build quality is top notch.
Reliable products, excellent customer service, being involved in [H] forums and a kickass logo!
I like Corsair because they're one of the only companies I've seen that have always been consistent in quality and customer service.
I like how you guys started as just quality performance memory manufactures, and now have evolved and provide the same quality and performance people like us want and demand.
I love Corsair's attention to detail. Currently rolling with a Corsair case, cpu cooler, and headset. Probable grabbing a keyboard once they get back in stock at my local retailer!
I like Corsair because I can buy their RAM without worrying if it'll work in the random motherboard that I am about to test it in and they make rock solid power supplies.
I really love the packaging of Corsair products, their awesome warranties, the excellent customer service, and the reliability of their products. I also like how Corsair places a lot of emphasis on detail and their awesome corsair support forum. :)
Corsair is usually the first brand I look at when I need something, because of their quality and support.
I like corsair's product quality, customer service and commitment to the enthusiast community.
I like everything Corsair fact, I have XMS mem, H50 cooler, Corsair 650 W PSU in my old PC I use everyday.
I love Corsair because I've seen a handful of other PSUs fry out/explode on me, but never my Corsair PSU. In addition, I have some DDR (the kind before all the numbers, yeah) from Corsair that always kept pace when I overclocked the systems it went through (other components got a little toasted :eek:) and is still hanging out in a basic system today.

I suppose for the TL;DR version: component quality and longevity.
I like that I usually hear that Corsair has good customer service... and I like even more that I haven't had to use it!
Corsair makes some great ram. I've not tried their other products but reviews here keep coming in the positive..:)
What I like about Corsair...
Memory is top notch,
Awesome cases (built numerous systems for friends and family),
Power supplies have lasted forever,
Customer service (including rebate services) are unmatched.

I would hate to see what I've spent at on Corsair products alone in the past 7 years alone. Great Stuff!
I have been building PC's since 1993-ish, and for the longest while I had hoped to have some sweet Corsair ram in my systems, but Corsair was always just out of my budget range. Unfortunately, I grew tired of system instability and crashes when trying to use my puter for recording audio, so I switched to Apple products. Well, after a few years, I could not resist the urge to build a new gaming PC, and now that I had the money, I went with Corsair ram, Corsair CPU cooling and a Corsair PSU. I have not looked back since! If I would have had Corsair in my system years ago, then I likely would have never purchased a mac.

Corsair, your stable, agile and beautiful products make me a better person. :p
My favorite thing about Corsair is that they are very actively involved in the community, gathering both feedback on existing products and ideas for product development.
I've been rocking corsair products since I began building computers...great stuff.
I love me some Corsair products. Always high quality, well designed and fantastic customer service, so you never can go wrong with just about anything they sell.
The top notch NA based CS and the mostly stellar power supply line is why I've continued to buy Corsair products with such a crowded marketplace.
I like Corsair because of their involvement with the enthusiast community, excellent quality of products, and unmatched customer service. It also doesn't hurt that their entire product line looks just as well as it performs.
Quality. That is what I think when I hear the name. My brother used Corsair memory that was fast and had 0 issues. I have a Corsair h50 closed loop water cooler that works like a dream. I've thought about buying the new Corsair headset when my current one dies.

Also, all their stuff looks pretty pimp
Multiple reasons, but the first is their commitment to quality, the second is the price for the quality, and lastly their customer service to make things right.
I like the quality of Corsiar products. That is why my case, power supply, RAM, headset and heatsink are all Corsair.
I love Corsair products.

They're reasonably priced.

They work great.

They look good.

They sound good (at least my HS1 and HS1A headphones do).

I've never had a single problem with any Corsair product I've owned.
Whenever they branch out into a new segment of the market I have no worries about purchasing whatever it might be.

I can't speak about their customer service though because I've never had a reason to try to contact them.

Oh and they do cool stuff like these giveaways!

(Also, see Rig #1 in my sig)