Corsair 750D Airflow edition in 2022?


May 11, 2016
I was reading on Amazon that this case has a flaw in design, in a way that you cannot connect Displayport or Hdmi iff the gpu is in first pci slot because of the metal bump / bevel above first pci slot. Is this true? I have a mobo with 4x pci express slots (Gigabyte lga1150 Gaming GT) and im affraid that i will have to brush out that bump with metal file.

What do you think about this case now? I can buy it for a fair price almost unused. I also am looking at Fractal Torrent, but i cannot fit dual rtx 3090 there. Cooler Master has similar cases but are too expensive and complicated for me to build, and Meshify 2 XL is too big and heavy, to be exact. I am getting everyhing ready for this setup: 1200w Seasonic Platinum mining edition, bunch of Bionix P140 vents and such.