Corsair 45WQHD240 ultrawide 45” 1440p 240Hz OLED with LG panel


Jul 5, 2012
For me I'd say 60PPD to 80PPD. You can't go by ppi since your viewing distance is dependent upon whatever curve you set it to. I doubt this will bend more than 1000R (and much after that you might be pushing the extents of the screen too far around you).

For reference:

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I'd be more interested in a large curved 4k screen like the odyssey ark (or a 42 - 48" version) that was bendable. Assuming the bendable factor didn't cause problems somehow over time. Another huge issue for me is any screen that lacks vesa mounting. Both this corsair 45 and the odyssey ark lack vesa mounting.

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I just looked it up and apparently it can curve all the way up to 800R, 800mm, .8meter = 31.496" view distance.

800R: 31.5" view distance. 67 deg viewing angle. On a 45" 3440x1440 that is 51.4 PPD. That's not good imo.

1000R: 39.37" view distance. 56 deg viewing angle. On a 45" 3440x1440 that is 61.7 PPD which I think is the minimum for when AA and text sub-sampling begin to be able to compensate enough.

1500R: ~ 59" view distance. 39 deg viewing angle. On a 45" 3440x1440 that is 88.4 PPD.

On this screen you hit 80 PPD at 53" view distance which would be a 1345R , 1345mm. Also a 43 degree viewing angle which is within what is usually considered an optimal 45 - 55deg viewing angle. Though the curve might muddy that factor a little.

I'd say 60PPD is decent for gaming with more aggressive AA at a performance cost. Sitting approaching 80PPD is where I like to be personally, depending on the game and if I'm running uw rez.

Then I guess it's a good thing that this monitor has an adjustable curve. The LG is permanently stuck with the maximum 800R which I feel is definitely not optimal. Wish they went for something in the middle instead like 1500R.
Apr 22, 2011
Why not just get the 4K model and run that at e.g 3440x1440, 3840x1440 or 3840x1600? Would be pretty much the same, sans curve, at a much higher PPI.

True, that works for easier to drive but want that to drive up to 240fps to make use of the 240hz.