CoolerMACster mod

I have been talking with the machine shop and will probably sell the items as kits. Basically top and bottom handles and the front mesh. Not shown in the pics is that the front panel actually has mesh bent back along the sides and welded along the top and bottom curves to make it really rigid. On the coolermaster cases, since the sides actually extend a little in front of the front panel this let me hide the side mesh. On an Antec/chieftec type case the mesh would be visible like the side of a normal bezel.

Price for the kit will be around $225 for aluminum. It will be higher for stainless steel. Basically you can get a used coolermaster for about $100, add the kit, and add the powdercoating for a total of ~$400. Using something like one of the steel Coolermaster frames for $60 is an option and would add some weight.

Unlike buying a G5 case and trying to stuff an ATX system in there this system fits regular ATX boards, drives, etc with no problem. I did the change on how my hard drives are mounted because I wanted the Sorbothane sheets to isolate any operational vibration.
Hey Xeese

Is it possible you could send me the measurments for the case(including the hight of the handles)
My dad is the manager of a steel factory and I can get any steel or aluminum I want for free:D, so Im gonna try making one of these.

Bump for the forums being back online. Taurus I took some measurements off a G5 case and did some sketches. The machine shop I am working with did the final configuration to take account of material ues in the turn radius, etc. The perforated metal I used has 1/16" holes and the pattern is visible. I am not sure what it is referred to but Mcmaster had the different hole pattern descriptions.