CoolerMACster mod


May 25, 2001
EDIT - There are a few dead pics in the thread. They will be updated by friday 6/17.

Instead ot taking a G5 and making it house a PC I am taking a PC and making it look like a G5. 4 main pieces involved top handles, bottom handles, front and top (one piece) and CD ROM cover. The top and bottom handles will be flush with the side panels when installed.

Pictured are the handles. The one with the case on the bottom handles still has the coolermaster feet on the case. Fabrication should be finished this week then it is off to the powdercoater, or maybe anodized.

For anyone interested, the parts will be available as a conversion kit for other Coolermaster owners. The shop I am working with will fabricate other parts if people want them for Lian-li's or other cases as well. No idea on pricing until this prototype is finished.



Updated shot of current build status to save some thread searching for everyone.

oooohhhh very creative, i got sick of seeing all those g5 to pc conversions...cant wait to see the finished product!
Here's a guy that did something similar, except made of ABS and he doesn't have plans to sell it like you do (just to tease everyone with it). ;)
Are you going to anodize the whole case or just the handles? Or are you just going to leave it how it is and not anodize it?
Originally posted by ctu11y
oooohhhh very creative, i got sick of seeing all those g5 to pc conversions...cant wait to see the finished product!
oh, you mean the one that was later proved to be a joke? yeah, I am really worn out too from seeing somebody do it.
I will either get the entire thing anodized, or powdercoated. I haven't decided which. If I go anodized, I am not decided on beadblasting or polishing first. I have a local place for anodizing or the place that did my NeXT cube for powder coating
very interesting. ill be watching this thread. keep up the good work. :)
Pics of more pieces. Side panels have been bead blasted, the handles will be as well. The top handle is not welded on completely yet. It will be flush when finally mounted.

Right side of case.

Frontal View - note, the radius on the perforated panel curves is going to be increased so that they are "rounder" also the lip of the bottom handle sticking out on the front will be removed, still finalizing the fittings.

Left Side

Back - note how the top will attach to the same screw holes with tabs like the original coolermaster top. With removal of the screws on the back and under the bottom front edge the perforated top & front panel is removeable. This provides access to the front fans, top fans, etc.


Things to be finished - Fix radius on perforated panel. finish attaching handles and smooth out flat front edge for perfect line with side panels, cut holes in front for switches, card reader, and optical drive, then take the parts to the anodizer.
Thanks for the feedback so far, I really appreciate it. It looks like my choices on the anodizing will be Plain, Black, or Blue. This is the place that will be doing the anodizing.

nice nice nice nice x100

if Mac tries to stop xeese from making these, i will personally burn down their building...

it doesn't matter which one.. as long as it burns..
Looks like it's shaping up to be something special. Now just throw a couple opterons in there and we can have a Mac that performs :D
I want to build one of those and stick our old PowerMac 6100 in it! It's from 1994 and has a 60MHz PPC601 processor, hahah! :D
Ok - final work from the machine shop is in. The plan for the optical drives is that pieces of aluminum will be attached with double sided tape. They aren't in the picture, but will be in the future.

The power and reset button holes are drilled out for bulgin vandal resistant switches. I may use blue illuminated or may go with the nickel plated ones like mounatin-mods use on their cube.

The bottom hole is for a 6 in 1 card reader and USB port.

The last pic is of the top near the back handle which shows how much can be seen through the 1/16" perforation. The holes above the blowhole fan on top will be enlarged to 1/8". That and a few minor tweaks then the case is off to the powdercoater. A test piece of perforated has been run through and he can coat it for me without clogging or impeding the holes.



pics = no go, can't wait to see the powder coating though. I'v been thinking about getting it done myself.
Pics should be functional again - first host seems to have died on me.
It's great to see so many talented people putting together projects like this...I love work logs lol. :D

Nice to see some good work from a fellow NC'r, that is some smooth stuff you got going there... GooSH (Good SHit)!! Very nice work.
Hard drive cage in completed form. aluminum box made from 2 custom L shapes welded together, then polished. Drives are vertical in the cage with 1/8" sorbothane sheets on top and bottom of the cage. Front intake fan blows over the drives for coolness and the drive gets vibration isolation from the Sorbothane.


Worklog type pic - after using a marker to indicate the hole positions for the cage using a centerpunch. The wood wedged in the cage is so it doesn't bend when the punch is hit with the hammer. Not a hard hit, but hey, it is aluminum.


After drilling out the holes on my press, time for tapping them.


The pile of parts back from the powdercoater. I started mounting the fans with EAR composite mounts to isolate any fan vibration.


This shows the outgassing/discoloration where some JBweld from the top handle attachment area. This area is covered by the mesh panel.


The required pic of attaching the top handles with JB weld and the bazillion clamps I used to make sure nothing could move.

Now a teaser pic - Case arrived from powdercoater today. I started to do assembly in it. Wires are not final, one optical drive not installed, but it is coming along. The mirror white powdercoat is very shiny.

damn Xeese nice work. looking forward to more pictures of the final product. :cool:
Niceeeee, love it.
I for one haven't seen anyone do this yet, so I bow down to you sir.
can we get a pic of how well the little holes came out after powdercoating? how small did they end up getting?
This is really blurry, will take another later. Basically holes are still very close to the original size. The powdercoater had a setup that was pulling aird from the back when the mesh was sprayed to make sure they didn't get blocked.

I need to get some good pics outside tomorrow - meanwhile, here is an assembled shot.